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Damon Suede
“It's a kilt, dumbass. It's only a skirt if I'm wearing underwear.”
Damon Suede, Hot Head

Gail Carriger
“Ever since her trip with Alexia to Scotland, Mrs. Tunstell had rather a taste for foreign travel. Alexia blamed it on the kilts.”
Gail Carriger, Timeless

Cyndi Tefft
“I also told you when I made you my bride that I would not count the days if you would promise me the same. I don't intend to start now, love. You're my wife, yesterday, today, and forever. - Aiden MacRae”
Cyndi Tefft, Hell Transporter

Cyndi Tefft
“I went to this beautiful place where the ground moved underneath me and the air was a part of me, and where time stopped. It was amazing and wonderful. But God sent me back, back to my body, back to you. - Lindsey Water”
Cyndi Tefft, Between

Cyndi Tefft
“And your green eyes are the color of the hills- the color of my home.' His voice dropped to a whisper. 'Aye, there's something about you, Lindsey Waters.”
Cyndi Tefft

“Lesson number one, she muttered, love is beyond your grasp. Lesson two: nowhere is it written that you're guaranteed fairness. And three: there's only right and wrong.”
Sandy Blair, A Man In A Kilt

Cyndi Tefft
“It washed all over me and through me, into the floor and then it was gone. I never cried for my Da again after that, and God's presence has been with me ever since.” - Adien MacRae, BETWEEN”
Cyndi Tefft

Crystal Woods
“I had a dream about you. You were a stranger playing a gig in this pub where I was waitressing. I felt like I knew you or needed to, so I asked you to have a few drinks with me. Then my alarm went off. I sat up in bed to see you still sleeping. I’m glad I decided to wear a kilt that summer while I was in school.”
Crystal Woods, Dreaming is for lovers

Kate Tough
“Takes a special kind to go
another kind to stay here


Nowhere do such patriots so embrace
the leaving of the place”
Kate Tough, 26 Treasures

Jennifer Ashley
“On bottom... Fellows studied the blue and green Mackenzie plaid kilt laid out across his bed. He'd worn it before, at Christmas at Kilmorgan, feeling strange with wool wrapping his hips, air circulating his thighs. Scotsmen had to be mad.”
Jennifer Ashley, The Untamed MacKenzie

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