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Jarod Kintz
“I’d love to try to sell a blank white canvas to an art dealer. And when he asks what it is, I’d tell him, “It’s a landscape painting of Key West, from the perspective of an optimistic blind man.”
Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

Lucy Burdette
“The plum-colored night sky was shifting to pink to make room for the day, which looked as though it might turn out “glorious and whimsical,” as the Key West Citizen had promised.”
Lucy Burdette, Topped Chef

John H. Cunningham
“A fallow mind is a field of discontent.”
John H. Cunningham, Red Right Return

Ernest Hemingway
“my family's going to eat as long as anybody eats. What they're trying to do is starve you Conchs out of here so they can burn down the shacks and put up apartments and make this a tourist town. That's what I hear. I hear they're buying up lots, and then after the poor people are starved out and gone somewhere else to starve some more they're going to come in and make it into a beauty spot for tourists.”
Ernest Hemingway, To Have and Have Not

“The fucking you get ain't worth the fucking you get.”
Wade Ferrel

Laurence Shames
“You have reached the home and workplace of Roberto Natchez. I do not often take calls. I make no promise to return them. I have much to do. You may leave a message if you wish.”
Laurence Shames, Scavenger Reef

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