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Madeline Hunter
“I did indeed say you could have lovers. But I never promised that I would not kill them.”
Madeline Hunter, Ravishing in Red

Madeline Hunter
“You will have to forgive me, Major Woodruffe. I am new to marriage, and perhaps more given to jealousy than some of the more experienced husbands that you know. It is possible that you seek only friendship with my wife. If, however, you entertain any other--"
-Sebastian to Woodruffe
"I assure you that such a thing is the furthest thing from my mind."
-Woodruffe to Sebastian
"Come now, Major. We are both men. Such ideas are never far from our minds at all. But if you do anything that causes me to think that your mind dwells long on that particular idea, I will thrash you, I will ruin you, and I will probably kill you.
-Sebastian to Woodruffe”
Madeline Hunter, Ravishing in Red

“Please don’t hug me. Please don’t hug me.

But she did. And now Bram had two sets of black eyes glaring at him.

Finally, he said out loud, “It’s not me! I swear!” Rhiannon laughed and leaned back from Bram.

“So cute! Isn’t he cute, Bercelak?”


“Bercelak’s only teasing.”

“No, I’m not.”
G.A. Aiken, Supernatural

Oliver Markus
“Envy is the desire to have what someone else has. Jealousy is the fear of losing what you have. The more insecure you are about yourself or your relationship, the more jealous you are, because you are afraid to lose your significant other to someone else.”
Oliver Markus, Why Men And Women Can't Be Friends

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