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Jeremy Aldana
“I am intrigued by the smile upon your face, and the sadness within your eyes”
Jeremy Aldana

Anaïs Nin
“He was now in that state of fire that she loved. She wanted to be burnt.”
Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus

Deb Caletti
“Let me tell you, you either have chemistry or you don't, and you better have it, or it's like kissing some relative. But chemistry, listen to me, you got to be careful. Chemistry is like those perfume ads, the ones that look so interesting and mysterious but you dont even know at first what they're even selling. Or those menues without the prices. Mystery and intrigue are gonna cost you. Great looking might mean something ve-ry expensive, and I don't mean money. What I'm saying is, chemistry is a place to start, not an end point.”
Deb Caletti, The Secret Life of Prince Charming

Jandy Nelson
“How can the word love, the word life, even fit in the mouth?”
Jandy Nelson, The Sky is Everywhere

“Some people like the Jews, and some do not. But no thoughtful man can deny the fact that they are, beyond any question, the most formidable and most remarkable race which has appeared in the world.
— Winston S. Churchill”
Ellen Brazer, Clouds Across the Sun

Megan Whalen Turner
“Would you like to hear more romance of the evening? He told me that the Guard should be reduced by half, and I threw an ink jar at his head."
"Is that when he cried?"
"He ducked," Attolia said dryly.
Grown more confident of the queen's humor, Relius said, "I had not pictured you for a fishwife."
"Lo, the transforming power of love.”
Megan Whalen Turner, The King of Attolia

Criss Jami
“We men are fascinated by the things we don't really understand. It gives us something to think and talk about: like females, they drive us nuts.”
Criss Jami

Tom  Barry
“A hard man is nice to find”
Tom Barry, When the Siren Calls

“Look at the orators in our republics; as long as they are poor, both state and people can only praise their uprightness; but once they are fattened on the public funds, they conceive a hatred for justice, plan intrigues against the people and attack the democracy.”
Aristophanes, Plutus

"One cannot be a mother without first being a person; family, husband, and children should not be allowed, as is so often the case, to steal a woman’s selfhood and her dreams."

Mother to Sherlock, Mycroft, and Enola Holmes by author Nancy Springer


Deanna Raybourn
“You are curious and quick, you have a deft mind, and for some unaccountable reason, people tell you things -- useful things.”
Deanna Raybourn

Arthur Conan Doyle
“To his eyes all seemed beautiful, but to me a tinge of melancholy lay upon the countryside, which bore so clearly the mark of the waning year, Yellow leaves carpeted the lanes and fluttered down upon us as we passed, The rattle of our wheels died away as we drove through drifts of rotting vegetation--sad gifts, as it seemed to me, for Nature to throw before the carriage of the returning heir of the Baskervilles.”
Arthur Conan Doyle, The Hound of the Baskervilles

Sarah Dessen
“I didn't pretend to know Eli at all, but even so, I'd noticed that his manner was slightly hard to read. It was something in the way he talked that made it difficult to tell whether he was kidding or serious or what. This bothered me. Or intrigued me. Or both.”
Sarah Dessen

“Perhaps the habit of intrigue is catching--in the air or the walls. Like secret passages, only in the mind.”
Susan Kenney, Garden of Malice

Flint Ory
“The little red figure on my right shoulder asked me what I was doing. The little white figure on my left asked me the same. Both were, for this unique and solitary moment, in unison.”
Flint Ory, Saving Seven

“This would be the stuff of songs and paintings and patterns on skin.”
Victoria Collins

Criss Jami
“I'm starting to think that my level of intrigue outweighs my fear of controversy.”
Criss Jami

Truth Devour
“The world stands still in the moments that I am watching you, watching me.”
Truth Devour, Wantin

Darryl Steven Markowitz
“My daughter, people are only used to seeing the glorified in a story, because a story is only a tiny, tiny piece of a person’s life. Legends, sacred writings, they’re all like that. But I assure you, dear child, every one of those people up there on that wall felt like, thought like, and suffered like you!”
Darryl Steven Markowitz, The Sacrificial Wood

Sara Sheridan
“For a novelist, the gaps in a story are as intriguing as material that still exists.”
Sara Sheridan

Darryl Steven Markowitz
“It seemed that for every evil they defeated, worse took its place, but Vaughn banished the thought that this all might be a cruel game, a hoax played on the… ''No! I know what true Goodness, true Life, true Love is. Besides, this is too miserable to be a game…unless demons…NO! Besides, even if I was some kind of pawn, well, then this game piece would rebel!”
Darryl Steven Markowitz, The Dead Forest

Michael Houbrick
“Always listen to your heart and listen to your gut. Neither of them will ever lie to you.”
Michael Houbrick, inTWINition of murder

“Villagers are the hot bed of intrigues!!!!!!”
M. Azeem Pasha

John le Carré
“Ashe was typical of that strata of mankind which conducts its human relationships according to a principle of challenge and response. Where there was softness, he would advance; where he found resistance, retreat. Having himself no particular opinions or tastes he relied upon whatever conformed with those of his companion. He was as ready to drink tea at Fortnum's as beer at the Prospect of Whitby; he would listen to military music in St. James's Park or jazz in Compton Street cellar; his voice would tremble with sympathy when he spoke of Sharpeville, or with indignation at the growth of Britain's colored population. To Leamas this observably passive role was repellent; it brought out the bully in him, so that he would lead the other gently into a position where he was committed, and then himself withdraw, so that Ashe was constantly scampering back from some cul-de-sac into which Leamas had enticed him.”
John le Carré, The Spy Who Came In from the Cold

Chris Galford
“Say what you will, dear sister, we do what we do for the promise of our youth. Yet it is always they who scar beneath the points of daggers.”
Chris Galford, At Faith's End

William Shakespeare
“Fair is foul--and foul is fair.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth

B.J. Daniels
“Jackson couldn't bear to see Allie like this. He pulled her to him and, dropping his mouth to hers, kissed her. She leaned into him, letting him draw her even closer as the kiss deepened. Fireworks lit the night, booming in a blaze of glittering light before going dark again. Desire ignited his blood. He wanted Allie like he'd never wanted anyone or anything before.”
B.J. Daniels, Wedding at Cardwell Ranch

B.J. Daniels
“It's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."
He laughed. "No, honey, that would be you.”
B.J. Daniels, Wedding at Cardwell Ranch & The Cowgirl in Question

Marcha A. Fox
“The chamber grew suddenly silent, the only other person with first-hand knowledge of the matter staring pensively at the floor.”
Marcha A. Fox, A Psilent Place Below: Star Trails Tetralogy

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