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Jenny Han
“My dad once told me that Winstone Churchill said that Russia was riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. According to my dad, Churchill had been talking about my mother. This was before the divorce, and he said it half-bitterly, half-respectfully. Because even when he hated her, he admired her.

I think he would have stayed with her forever, trying to figure out the mystery. He was a puzzle solver, the kind of person who likes theorems, theories. X always had to equal something. It couldn't just be X.

To me, my mother wasn't that mysterious. She was my mother. Always reasonable, always sure of herself. To me, she was about as mysterious as a glass fo water. She knew what she wanted; she knew what she didn't want. And that was to be married to my father. I wasn't sure if it was that she fell our of love or if it was that she just never was. in love, I mean.”
Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty

Aimee Carter
“You know that Kate called Walter a heartless bastard?"

"And an asshole. I am quite proud.”
Aimee Carter, The Goddess Hunt

Pamela Morsi
“Women don't always want the right things in a man. And men don't have even an idea of what they want," she said. "Why, one minute their bodies tell them they want a wild woman that makes their blood rush. The next minute their good sense reminds them that they need a hard worker who is sturdy enough to help plow the field and birth the babies. They want a woman who'll mind their word and not be giving no jawing. But they also want a gal they can complain to when they are scared and unsure and who's smart enough to talk clear about the things goin' on."
"So the wife has to be all those things?"
"No, the wife is none of them," the old woman answered. "The wife is a wife and no further definition is necessary." Granny leaned forward in her chair to look more closely at Meggie. "Roe Farley married you and you were his wife. Nothing further even need to be said."
Her face flushing with embarrassment, she glanced away. "But he doesn't... he didn't love me."
"And did you think he would?"
Momentarily Meggie was taken aback. "Well, yes."
"Lord Almighty, child," Granny said. "Love ain't something that heaven hands out like good teeth or keen eyesight. Love is something two people make together."
Shaking her head, the old woman leaned back in her chair once more and tapped on her pipe. "Love, oh, my, it starts out simple and scary with all that heavy breathing and in the bed sharing," she said. "You a-trembling when he runs his hands acrost your skin, him screaming out your name when he gets in the short rows. That's the easy part, Meggie. Every day thereafter it gets harder. The more you know him, the more he knows you, the longer you are a part of each other, the stronger the love is and the tougher it is to have it.”
Pamela Morsi, Marrying Stone

“The King did what all wise husbands do. He did as he was told.”
Toby Forward, Fireborn

Samantha Young
“What do you want to talk about until the flight is called?"

"Cold wind. Sleet. The ugly doorman at Club 39. Porridge."

I burst out laughing. "You mean anything that won’t give you an erection?"

He smiled at me, his eyes roaming my face lovingly. "Maybe we should just stop talking altogether. And put a bag over your head. And cover your legs."

"Just don’t look at me."

"I can still smell you."

"I could move."

"Dare move away from me and I’ll put you over my knee, Wife."

"That doesn’t sound so bad.”
Samantha Young, Castle Hill

Adele Ashworth
“Caroline's lips thinned, her face flushed. "My husband, sir, has more secrets in his tiny, insignificant mind than the entire British War Department has had on file since its inception." She huffed with pure, disgusted outrage, lowering her gaze to the floor to murmur, "I'll kill him.”
Adele Ashworth, My Darling Caroline

Jamie McGuire
“What kind of husband would I be if I bet against my own marriage?'
I smiled. 'The stupid kind. Didn't you listen to your dad when he told you not to bet against me?”
Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster

“Don't cheat when you got the most beautiful woman by your side”

Philippa Gregory
“Say yes,’ he whispers. ‘Marry me.’

I hesitate. I open my eyes. ‘You will get my fortune,’ I remark. ‘When I marry you, everything I have becomes yours. Just as George has everything that belongs to Isabel.’

‘That’s why you can trust me to win it for you,’ he says simply. ‘When your interests and mine are the same, you can be certain that I will care for you as for myself. You will be my own. You will find that I care for my own.’

‘You will be true to me?’

‘Loyalty is my motto. When I give my word, you can trust me.”
Philippa Gregory, The Kingmaker's Daughter

Lee  Goff
“They saw her husband, this giant of a man in God’s Kingdom, this man, that for over fifteen years was their example of what a great man and husband looked like, walking up to his weeping wife, gently embracing her, soothing her, lifting and holding her soul up high while she released her own pains and worries from the last two days, feeling him, leaning into him, and submitting her pain and fears to her husband out of her love and trust. His strength was shown in his softness. He was made strong in his wife’s pain. He was her man of God”
Lee Goff, A Wrath Like Thunder

Kate Kerrigan
“..aku sangat diberkati karena bisa menikmati segala cara sederhana yang dia tunjukkan untuk mencintaiku.”
Kate Kerrigan, Recipes for a Perfect Marriage

Aditi Mathur Kumar
“There is strong. There is Army Strong. And then there is Army Wife Strong.”
Aditi Mathur Kumar, Soldier and Spice - An Army Wife's Life

Shannon Celebi
“I think first of the children. What the hell am I supposed to tell them? Then I think about money, the house, all those things no widow will tell you ever crossed her mind.”
Shannon Celebi, Small Town Demons

“A hard working man, is a good husband who make sure his family is well taken care of it with everything, from shelter to luxury, he make your life joyful happy.

A lazy husband make your life miserable, don't mater how any time they say I love you, "Action speak louder than words”
Zybejta "Beta" Metani' Marashi

W. Somerset Maugham
“I myself stand on one side and the rest of the world on the other. There is an abyss between, that no power can cross, a strange barrier more insuperable than a mountain of fire. Husband and wife know nothing of one another. However ardent their passion, however intimate their union, they are never one; they are scarcely more to one another than strangers.”
W. Somerset Maugham, Mrs Craddock

“Even God forgives stupidity. So many married people, heaven would be a ghost town otherwise.”
Yatin Patel

Michael Bassey Johnson
“A man is not for you when all he knows is to slam your back on the bed and ram into you like a wild fool. The interested ones are the ones so interested that they become very interested in only interesting things about you.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

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