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Victor Hugo
“Nature is pitiless; she never withdraws her flowers, her music, her fragrance and her sunlight, from before human cruelty or suffering. She overwhelms man by the contrast between divine beauty and social hideousness. She spares him nothing of her loveliness, neither wing or butterfly, nor song of bird; in the midst of murder, vengeance, barbarism, he must feel himself watched by holy things; he cannot escape the immense reproach of universal nature and the implacable serenity of the sky. The deformity of human laws is forced to exhibit itself naked amidst the dazzling rays of eternal beauty. Man breaks and destroys; man lays waste; man kills; but the summer remains summer; the lily remains the lily; and the star remains the star.
As though it said to man, 'Behold my work. and yours.”
Victor Hugo, Ninety-Three

Richard Adams
“Bluebell had been saying that he knew the men hated us for raiding their crops and gardens, and Toadflax answered, 'That wasn't why they destroyed the warren. It was just because we were in their way. They killed us to suit themselves.”
Richard Adams, Watership Down

Sarah Langan
“The sight of her made him understand why he'd lost his faith in God.”
Sarah Langan, The Keeper

“He has seen enough of daily evil to be thankful for small goods that come his way.”
Bernard Pomerance, The Elephant Man

Michelle Paver
“Men like that — when they know they won’t be found out — they will do anything.”
Michelle Paver

“To live with his physical hideousness, incapacitating deformities and unremiting pain is trial enough, but to be exposed to the cruelly lacerating expressions of horror and disgust by all who behold him -- is even more difficult to bear. [...] For in order to survive, Merrick forces himself to suffer these humiliations, I repeat, humiliations, in order to survive, thus he exposes himself to crowds who pay to gape and yawp at this freak of nature, the Elephant Man.”
Bernard Pomerance, The Elephant Man

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