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Lucy Christopher
“And it's hard to hate someone once you understand them.”
Lucy Christopher, Stolen: A Letter to My Captor

Emily Andrews
“Oh God just look at me now... one night opens words and utters pain... I cannot begin to explain to you... this... I am not here. This is not happening. Oh wait, it is, isn't it?

I am a ghost. I am not here, not really. You see skin and cuts and frailty...these are symptoms, you known, of a ghost. An unclear image with unclear thoughts whispering vague things...

If I told you what was really in my head, you''d never let me leave this place. And I have no desire to spend time in hell while I'm still, in theory, alive.”
Emily Andrews, The Finer Points of Becoming Machine

Jodi Picoult
“The nurses, I have already learned, are the ones who give us the answers we’re desperate for. Unlike the doctors, who fidget like they need to be somewhere else, the nurses patiently answer us as if we are the first set of parents to ever have this kind of meeting with them, instead of the thousandth.”
Jodi Picoult, My Sister's Keeper

Maggie Stiefvater
“I think-I need to ask an embarrassing question. Do you think I could borrow a pair of scrubs? I-uh-my pants-"

"Oh!" Cried the poor nurse. "Yes. Absolutely. I'll be right back."


"Thanks," I mumbled. "I'll just change here. He's not looking at anything at the moment." I gestured toward Sam, who was looking convincingly sedated.

The nurse vanished through the curtains. Sam eye's flashed open again, distinctly amused.

He whispered, "Did you just tell that man you went potty on yourself?"

"You.Shut.UP." I hissed back furiously.”
Maggie Stiefvater, Shiver

Lionel Shriver
“We'd been assured it wouldn't be painful, though she might experience 'discomfort,' a term beloved of the medical profession that seems to be a synonym for agony that isn't yours.”
Lionel Shriver, We Need to Talk About Kevin

“$13 to $20 billion a year could be saved in health care costs by demedicalizing childbirth, developing midwifery, and encouraging breastfeeding.”
Frank A. Oski

Dan Wells
“You're a hero,' Mom repeated, squeezing my hand and kissing my forehead. 'You saved six lives in that house! Six! Sure, one of them was a creep,' she looked at Lauren, 'but that's what makes it so good. "Love thine enemies."'
Lauren smiled at me. 'And don't worry about Curt,' she said. 'We are so broken up.'
'Six lives,' Mom repeated.
But I had been trying to save seven.”
Dan Wells, Mr. Monster

Maggie Stiefvater
“I slowly climbed back to my feet, walked back into the emergency department through the silently swishing glass doors, and, covered in my girlfriend's blood, lied perfectly for the first time in my life.
"I tried to stop her.”
Maggie Stiefvater, Linger

Josh Bazell
“what a fascinating mix a hospital can be of people in a huge hurry and people too slow to get out of their way.”
Josh Bazell, Beat the Reaper

Jacob M. Appel
“This is how most stories end in the hospital. Not with crash carts and sirens and electric shocks to the chest, but with an empty room, a crisp white bed, silence.”
Jacob M. Appel, Phoning Home

Raquel Cepeda
“The hospital room was as cold as dead skin, the hallway crowded with lost souls and reeking of illness.”
Raquel Cepeda, Bird of Paradise: How I Became Latina

Anne Spollen
“You knew then that this was not any kind of hospital that cured, but a hospital that held, that kept their patients away from the rest of the world, a kind of ark that floated along full of life, but not participating in life.... These people no longer made progress.”
Anne Spollen, The Shape of Water

Hannah Ashworth
“I didn't know what kind of creature I was supposed to be until I woke on a hospital cot and was informed I had died. Nobody ever told me what I was. I figured I was broken. But it turns out that my scars were divine signs that I was granted a chance to begin again.”
Hannah Ashworth, Beyond Polaris

Stevie Smith
“The world is come upon me, I used to keep it a long way off, But now I have been run over and I am in the hands of the hospital staff.”
Stevie Smith, Selected Poems

“When traveling in rural Africa, it's important to not actually *go* to a hospital until the patient is on the brink of expiration, otherwise things are apt to get worse.”
Josh Gates, Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter

Gustave Flaubert
“I grew up in a hospital and as a child I played in the dissecting room”
Gustave Flaubert

Shannon L. Alder
“There is no real bravery in getting paid to save someone's life. However, there is a large amount of bravery in a nurse break dancing at the hospital's Christmas party.”
Shannon L. Alder

Dan Chaon
“I should be arguing vehemently with doctors, demanding results, I should be surrounded by people who are bleeding and screaming and shocking one another with defibrillators.”
Dan Chaon, Stay Awake

David Almond
“I went out into the corridor. I asked a nurse if she knew where the people with arthritis went. She said lots of them went to Ward 34 on the top floor. She said she thought that was a silly place to put people with bad bones who had such trouble walking and climbing stairs.”
David Almond, Skellig

John Updike
“Momentarily drained of lust, he stares at the remembered contortions to which it has driven him. His life seems a sequence of grotesque poses assumed to no purpose, a magic dance empty of belief. There is no God; Janice can die: the two thoughts come at once, in one slow wave. He feels underwater, caught in chains of transparent slime, ghosts of the urgent ejaculations he has spat into the mild bodies of women. His fingers on his knees pick at persistent threads.”
John Updike, Rabbit, Run

Michael  Grant
“She found Diana’s room. Diana was sitting in her bed using a remote control to idly flip through the channels on the wall-mounted TV.
“You,” Diana said by way of greeting.
“Me,” Astrid said.
“Can’t believe it,” Diana said. “All this time. And there’s still nothing on.”
Astrid laughed and lowered herself slowly into a chair. “You know how they say hospital food is so awful? Somehow I’m not having that reaction.”
“Tapioca beats rat,” Diana said.
“I never minded rat as much as that dog jerky we were getting for a while. The stuff Albert had them flavor with celery salt? That was the culinary low point for me.”
“Yeah, well, I had a lower low point,” Diana said, sounding angry. Or maybe not angry, maybe hurt.
Astrid put a hand on Diana’s arm, and Diana did not shake it off.”
Michael Grant, Light

Harold Brodkey
“For the next two weeks, the world and all other issues would be omitted. We were two people alone in a hospital room. We allowed no visitors. We had two weeks of near-silence with each other and my increasing helplessness. I tended to tangle the IV and misplace the oxygen tube. As I started to say earlier, I could feel no sensible interest in the future. The moments became extraordinarily dimensionless - not without value but flat and a great deal emptier. When you learn you're fatally ill, time becomes very confusing, perhaps uninteresting, pedestrian. But my not caring if I lived or died hurt Ellen. And I was grateful that I could indulge my cowardice toward death in terms of living for her.”
Harold Brodkey, This Wild Darkness: The Story of My Death

“The lady roommate said very little and chopped off the better parts of her story.”
Suzka, Wonders in Dementialand

“Everyone has creative potential. Creativity involves using your imagination and inventiveness. Your unique expression of yourself is your creativity...Creativity can be magic when visiting people who are ill.”
Patch Adams, House Calls: How We Can All Heal the World One Visit at a Time

DeBorrah K. Ogans
“The Church is not merely a hospital or a halfway house to check in and out for weekend visits.”
DeBorrah K. Ogans, A HOUSE of PRAYER

Israelmore Ayivor
“You missed it when you pay more attention to the damaged car in the mechanic shop than the sick human being in the hospital.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Frontpage: Leadership Insights from 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Thoughts

Israelmore Ayivor
“I was taught that the most hardworking nurse is found at the dirtiest part of the clinical ward.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Frontpage: Leadership Insights from 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Thoughts

“Don't worry, Sean. You're still hot even in the hospital gown," Sandra said.

"Don't lie out of pity, Sandy. No one can look hot in these," Flora scolded. A gleam came to life in her hazel eyes. "Wait, are these the type that opens in the back? In that case would you get up and close the blinds over there for us?”
rainbowbrook, Kissing Is the Easy Part

Elizabeth Schechter
“I pulled on the restraints, frustrated, hurting, and completely devastated. I could feel tears sliding down my skin, into my ears, and back over my scalp. Which told me that they’d cut off my hair, too. For some reason, that little bit of vanity was what it took to undo me completely.”
Elizabeth Schechter, Heart's Master

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