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Laura Ingalls Wilder
“There is no comfort anywhere for anyone who dreads to go home.”
Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little Town on the Prairie

Gaston Bachelard
“We comfort ourselves by reliving memories of protection. Something closed must retain our memories, while leaving them their original value as images. Memories of the outside world will never have the same tonality as those of home and, by recalling these memories, we add to our store of dreams; we are never real historians, but always near poets, and our emotion is perhaps nothing but an expression of a poetry that was lost.”
Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

Italo Calvino
“Your house, being the place in which you read, can tell us the position books occupy in your life, if they are a defense you set up to keep the outside world at a distance, if they area dream into which you sink as if into a drug, or bridges you cast toward the outside, toward the world that interests you so much that you want to multiply and extend its dimensions through books.”
Italo Calvino, If on a Winter's Night a Traveler

Susan Abulhawa
“كيف يمكن ألا يستطيع الإنسان أن يسير إلى ملكه الخاص؟ أن يزور قبر زوجته؟ أن يأكل ثمار أربعين جيلاً من كدح أسلافه من دون أن يعاقب بالموت رمياً بالرصاص؟ على نحو ما، لم يكن هذا السؤال الفجّ القاسي قد نفذ سابقاً إلي وعي اللاجئين الذين شوشتهم أبدية الانتظار، معلقين آمالهم على قرارات دولية نظرية”
Susan Abulhawa, Mornings in Jenin

James Agee
“How far we all come. How far we all come away from ourselves. So far, so much between, you can never go home again. You can go home, it's good to go home, but you never really get all the way home again in your life. And what's it all for? All I tried to be, all I ever wanted and went away for, what's it all for?

Just one way, you do get back home. You have a boy or a girl of your own and now and then you remember, and you know how they feel, and it's almost the same as if you were your own self again, as young as you could remember.

And God knows he was lucky, so many ways, and God knows he was thankful. Everything was good and better than he could have hoped for, better than he ever deserved; only, whatever it was and however good it was, it wasn't what you once had been, and had lost, and could never have again, and once in a while, once in a long time, you remembered, and knew how far you were away, and it hit you hard enough, that little while it lasted, to break your heart.”
James Agee, A Death in the Family
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Shannon L. Alder
“God is going to send you someone that will rescue you. Then one day you will rescue them in return and together your story will rescue others. He has always been a God of rescues and a maker of warriors for his grace. You only need to believe that you are part of something greater than you know.”
Shannon L. Alder

Kōbō Abe
“There wasn't a single item of importance [in the newspaper]. A tower of illusion, all of it, made of illusory bricks and full of holes. If life were made up only of imporant things, it really would be a dangerous house of glass, scarcely to be handled carelessly. But everyday life was exactly like the headlines. And so everybody, knowing the meaninglessness of existence, sets the centre of his compass at his own home.”
Kōbō Abe, The Woman in the Dunes

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Just because you have stolen someone's heart, luckily owned and occupied as a home, doesn't give you the audacity to enforce hurtful policies.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Vera Nazarian
“The heartland lies where the heart longs to be. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find the true place to plant it.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Kellie Elmore
“...what happens when you return
and find nothing
but a hollowed shell,
shingles and floor,
walls and echoes
and the light that lead you here
has now burned out
and the ones who built it
have traveled afar
and you cant go to them,
no matter what shoes you wear.”
Kellie Elmore, Magic in the Backyard

Karen Maitland
“Home is the place you return to when you have finally lost your soul. Home is the place where life is born, not the place of your birth, but the place where you seek rebirth. When you no longer have to remember which tale of your own past is true and which is an invention, when you know that you are an invention, then is the time to seek out your home. Perhaps only when you have come to understand that can you finally reach home.”
Karen Maitland, Company of Liars
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J.R.    Miller
“A true home is one of the most sacred of places. It is a sanctuary into which men flee from the world’s perils and alarms. It is a resting-place to which at close of day the weary retire to gather new strength for the battle and toils of tomorrow. It is the place where love learns its lessons, where life is schooled into discipline and strength, where character is molded.

Few things we can do in this world are so well worth doing as the making of a beautiful and happy home. He who does this builds a sanctuary for God and opens a fountain of blessing for men.

Far more than we know, do the strength and beauty of our lives depend upon the home in which we dwell. He who goes forth in the morning from a happy, loving, prayerful home, into the world’s strife, temptation, struggle, and duty, is strong--inspired for noble and victorious living. The children who are brought up in a true home go out trained and equipped for life’s battles and tasks, carrying in their hearts a secret of strength which will make them brave and loyal to God, and will keep them pure in the world’s severest temptations.”
J.R. Miller
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Rainer Maria Rilke
“Whoever has no house now, will never have one.
Whoever is alone will stay alone,
will sit, read, write long letters through the evening,
and wander on the boulevards, up and down,
restlessly, while dry leaves are blowing.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

Rebecca Wells
“These are all I have. I do not have the wide, bright beacon of some solid old lighthouse, guiding ships safely home, past the jaggedrocks. I only have these little glimmers that flicker and then go out.”
Rebecca Wells, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Rainer Maria Rilke
“a kind of memory that tells us
that what we're now striving for was
nearer and truer and attached to us
with infinite tenderness. Here all is
there it was breath. After the first
the second one seems draughty and
strangely sexed.”
Rainer Maria Rilke, Duino Elegies

Sarah Dessen
“The first thing I did when I got inside was turn on the kitchen light. Then I moved to the table, putting my dad's iPod on the speaker dock, and a Bob Dylan song came on, the notes familiar. I went into the living room, hitting the switch there, then down the hallway to my room, where I did the same. It was amazing what a little noise and brightness could do to a house and a life, how much the smallest bit of each could change everything. After all these years of just passing through, I was beginning to finally feel at home.”
Sarah Dessen, What Happened to Goodbye
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Melissa Senate
“I don't want to say something cheesy like 'home is where the heart is,' but home is definitely where the heart is. And my heart is, and has always been, with you.”
Melissa Senate, The Breakup Club

Carrie Jones
“Home is where the heart is.”
Carrie Jones, After Obsession
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James Runcie
“Body is a home, a prison and a grave.”
James Runcie, The Colour Of Heaven

“أنا دار مهجورة ، خاوية ، دار بدون سقف ، بدون أبواب”
Tahar ben Jelloun, حين تترنح ذاكرة أمي
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Meša Selimović
“Bez te tačke, za koju si vezan, ne bi volio ni drugi svijet, ne bi imao kud da odeš, jer ne bi bio nigdje.”
Meša Selimović, Death and the Dervish

Michael Chabon
“I don't care what is written," Meyer Landsman says. "I don't care what supposedly got promised to some sandal-wearing idiot whose claim to fame is that he was ready to cut his own son's throat for the sake of a hare-brained idea. I don't care about red heifers and patriarchs and locusts. A bunch of old bones in the sand. My homeland is in my hat. It's in my ex-wife's tote bag.”
Michael Chabon, The Yiddish Policemen's Union

Kerstin Gier
“Home is where your books are.”
Kerstin Gier

Sarah Addison Allen
“He didn't think he belonged here, so she was making him face some uncomfortable facts. People adapt. People change. You can grow where you're planted.”
Sarah Addison Allen, The Peach Keeper

J.L. Merrow
“I was thinking of Cambridge, and then I got a bit homesick for a minute, 'cause I never been this far away from home before. But the I remember you're here, and now I'm not homesick no more.”
J.L. Merrow, Muscling Through

Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem
“I believe home is where the heart can be open and loving with a sense of security. It must not be a place of fear.”
Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem, Questing Home: A Safe Place for My Holy Grail: Personal Growth Through Travel

Daniel Alarcón
“The city was lovely. There could be no place in the world to which he belonged so completely.
That was why he'd always dreamed of leaving, and why he'd always been so afraid to go.”
Daniel Alarcón, At Night We Walk in Circles

David Wroblewski
“Do you think there is heaven or hell? he signed.
‘I don’t know. Not in the Christian way, if that’s what you mean. I think people have a right to believe in whatever they want. I just don’t.’…
If someone came in here and gave you positive proof, would you do anything different?
She shook her head. ‘I think it’s just as likely that someone could say that this place, right here, is heaven, hell and earth all at the same time. And we still wouldn’t know what to do differently. Everyone just muddles through, trying not to make too many mistakes.”
David Wroblewski, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

Carl Sagan
“It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known.”
Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

إميل حبيبي
“كان مؤسس الدولة العبرية، دافيد بن غوريون، قد أعلن في اول كنيست شاركتُ في عضويتها -الكنيست الثانية في العام 1952 - عن دهشته من استمرار اللاجئين الفلسطينيين في اجتياز الحدود محاولين العودة إلى مدنهم وقراهم وبيوتهم وحقولهم، "مع أننا -قال - نطلق الرصاص عليهم ونقتلهم".
فوجدتني اقاطعه باللغة العبرية لأول مرة في حياتي في الكنيست.
أجبته ،مندهشاً أنا أيضاً : ألا تعرف معنى حب الوطن؟!”
إميل حبيبي, سراج الغولة: النص/ الوصية

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