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Janet Evanovich
“She doesn’t know,” Cate said. “Kellen is a secret. I didn’t think my mother would approve.”

“Why wouldn’t your mother approve?” Pugg asked.

“It’s my job,” Kellen said. “I kill people. It pays well, but it’s not universally socially acceptable.”
Janet Evanovich, Hot Stuff

Peprah Boasiako
“As he drove away from his handiwork, knowing he'd left no survivors, the killer looked at the rising smoke and gave himself a pat on the back for another assignment well done...”
Peprah Boasiako, THE HITMAN: A Short Story

Peprah Boasiako
“Placing his suitcase on the seat next to him, he unbuttoned his suit jacket, loosened up his necktie and removed his fedora. He kept his custom eye wear on and made himself comfortable, looking more like a Wall Street accountant than the cold killer he'd become...”
Peprah Boasiako, THE HITMAN: A Short Story

Danny King
“I love cats, they're great; intelligent, affectionate, lovable, and this one was particularly nice, so picking it up and giving it a few slaps and a bit of a rough time was galling, even though it was unfortunately necessary. See, if you're hiding in someone's spare bedroom waiting for them to turn in for the night, the last thing you need is a cat meowing at the door trying to get in to see you because you've been stroking it all day. A bit of a shake and a growl in the cat's face and that's all that's usually needed for it to give the spare room and the horrible bastard inside a wide berth for the rest of the night.”
Danny King, The Hitman Diaries

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