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“Haruna: I'm so envious. Assa knows so much more about you from when I hadn't met you. I want to be born into your family too!

Yoh: I'd be troubled if you were my sister.

Haruna: Um, about that... it's not that you don't like hanging around me, right?
You'd be troubled because if we were siblings, we couldn't date each other, right? I guessed it, Yoh! Could this be progress?

Yoh: I really shouldn't have said anything!”
Kazune Kawahara (河原和音), High School Debut, Vol. 12

“Yoh: Being popular with guys isn't something you can just stitch together!

Haruna: What?! I Can't?!


Yoh: Mixing coke, tea and orange juice would taste nasty, right?! That's exactly what you're doing!”
Kazune Kawahara (河原和音), High School Debut, Vol. 01

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