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Lisi Harrison
“Are you a female dog?"
"What?" Massie asked. "Why?"
"Because you are acting like a real bitch!
Lisi Harrison, The Clique

Kim Harrison
“I'd watch your mouth", he said, tilting his head as he looked at my ID."The last lunker who laughed at her picture spent the night in the emergency room with a drink umbrella jammed up his nose".”
Kim Harrison

“I don’t think she like my tattoos…”
Quinn rolls his eyes. He’s far too smart for his age. “I think your tattoos tell a story, maybe she should learn to read.”
Heidi McLaughlin, Forever My Girl

E. Van Lowe
“Is this the message 'save yer own skin at all costs'? Because if that's the message, no wonder America's in the state it's in. Thank God I'm Australian.”
E. Van Lowe, Earth Angel

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