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Daisaku Ikeda
“The willingness to challenge hardships taps the power within human beings to transform even a place of tragedy into a stage for fulfilling one's mission.”
Daisaku Ikeda

Tim Hiller
“Have you considered that some of your greatest heartaches and hardships might actually be the best things that ever happened to you in the long run?”
Tim Hiller, Strive: Life is Short, Pursue What Matters

Lailah Gifty Akita
“Lord gives even more grace, so you can endure the test of time.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

Holly Bourne
“It was like I'd climbed Everest, had the summit in my sight, the flag in my hand, all ready to pierce it into the top of the mountain and say, "Whoopdedoo, I made it," and then an avalanche from out of nowhere swept me right back to the bottom of the mountain again. Was it worth bothering to try and climb it again? I was exhausted. I'd already climbed it. I didn't want to...but, then, what other choice was there?”
Holly Bourne, Am I Normal Yet?

“Everything we say and do affects people.
It can be either physically or mentally.
Words can cut deeper than a knife,
and we all know that.
We could have experienced it in our lives at least one.
It isn't easy, dealing with those type of situation.
It isn't easy, trying to heal those wounds.
But we make it out of it alive, because we always have these amazing people that are always there for us.
An act of kindness and support,
is just that powerful.
Don't pull away from the rest of the world.
For those of you that are out there,
with no friends,
with no one to support you,
those who are being neglected.
You are never alone.
Somewhere on this Earth,
there is ALWAYS someone who is there for you.
There is always someone that cares about you and feels your pain.
There is always someone that will understand your story.
Don't be afraid to come out of your shell.
Don't be afraid to interact with people.
Don't be afraid to be who you are.

Dare to dream,
and Love. <3

The outcomes are worth it.”
Hina Yu

“The life of hero is the tale of a person overcoming personal hardship and obstacles while striving to achieve an exultant victory that voices repressed citizens’ ecstatic thoughts and dreams.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

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