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Elizabeth Berg
“If I were to draw on a paper what gym does for me, I would make one dot and then I would erase it.”
Elizabeth Berg, Joy School

Andrea Portes
“I mean if there was any justice in the world you wouldn't even have to go to school during your period. You'd just stay home for five days and eat chocolate and cry.”
Andrea Portes, Anatomy of a Misfit

Daniel Clowes
“Pussey, you're worse than a hundred girls!”
Daniel Clowes, Pussey!

Stephenie Meyer
“In Gym, the kids on my team learned not to pass me the ball and to step quickly in front of me if the other team tried to take advantage of my weakness. I happily stayed out of their way.”
Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

Rusty Fischer
“If you had watched any of those three wonderful films, you would have caught Vampire Gym Teacher # 2: Back to Cruel, where the vampire hunter ties a vampire chick to the shower and tortures her by turning on the water. They can‟t stand water, even if it‟s not holy water.”
Rusty Fischer, Ushers, Inc.

Lorna Schultz Nicholson
“Since the teachers weren't picking, I ended up with a boy with bad body odour. 'You should wear deodorant,' I said to him. 'And you should shut your trap,' he replied.”
Lorna Schultz Nicholson, Fragile Bones: Harrison & Anna

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