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Cindy Ann Peterson
“Civility awareness and a common foundation of considerate conduct are crutial to our future,”
Cindy Ann Peterson, The Power of Civility: Top Experts Reveal the Secrets to Social Capital

C.S. Friedman
“We share need, not-human. Yours is straightforward.” … “Mine is less so, but you will serve it. Come.”
C.S. Friedman, The Madness Season

Derek Landy
“Every once in a while, I get the urge. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? The urge for destruction. The urge to hurt, maim, kill. It's quite a thing to experience that urge, to let it wash over you, to give in to it. It's addictive. It's all-consuming. You lose yourself to it. It's quite, quite wonderful. I can feel it, even as I speak, tapping around the edges of my mind, trying to prise me open, slip its fingers in. And it would be so easy to let it happen. But we're all like that, aren't we? We're all barbarians at our core. We're all savage, murderous beasts. I know I am. I'm sure you are. The only difference between us, Mr. Prave, is how loudly we roar. I know I roar very loudly indeed. How about you. Do you think you can match me?”
Derek Landy, Death Bringer

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