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Ellen DeGeneres
“My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the heck she is.”
Ellen DeGeneres

Sherman Alexie
“When it comes to death, we know that laughter and tears are pretty much the same thing.

And so, laughing and crying, we said good-bye to my grandmother. And when we said goodbye to one grandmother, we said good-bye to all of them.

Each funeral was a funeral for all of us.

We lived and died together.

All of us laughed when they lowered my grandmother into the ground.

And all of us laughed when they covered her with dirt.

And all of us laughed as we walked and drove and rode our way back to our lonely, lonely houses.”
Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Rick Bragg
“This is a place where grandmothers hold babies on their laps under the stars and whisper in their ears that the lights in the sky are holes in the floor of heaven.”
Rick Bragg

Mary E. Pearson
“I thought grandmothers had to like you. It’s a law or something.”
Mary E. Pearson, The Adoration of Jenna Fox

Gabrielle Zevin
“Saying you're through with romance is like saying you're done with living, Betty. Life is better with a little romance, you know.”
Gabrielle Zevin, Elsewhere

Jessica Maria Tuccelli
“I still loved Granny. It flowed out of my chest. With Granny gone, where would my love go?”
Jessica Maria Tuccelli, Glow

Zora Neale Hurston
“And I can't die easy thinking maybe the menfolks white or black is making a spit cup out of you. Have some sympathy for me. Put me down easy, Janie, I'm a cracked plate.”
Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God

Stephen Schwartz
“I believe if I refuse to grow old,
I can stay young 'til I die.”
Stephen Schwartz

Laura     Miller
“A faint smell of lilac filled the air. There was always lilac in this part of town. Where there were grandmothers, there was always lilac.”
Laura Miller, Butterfly Weeds

“if god had intended us to follow recipes, He wouldn't have given us grandmothers.”
Linda Henley

Jonathan Safran Foer
“We believed in our grandmother’s cooking more fervently than we believed in God.”
Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating Animals

Jessica Maria Tuccelli
“Granny always said finding justice was as tough as putting socks on a rooster.”
Jessica Maria Tuccelli, Glow

Bethany Frenette
“I loved Granny Belmonte, but she didn't need a costume to look undead.”
Bethany Frenette, Dark Star

“Once your words fly out of your mouth, you sometimes can't control whether they fly straight or crooked, Grandma Augustine says. "They can get bent in the strangest ways." Grandma Augustine says that the only way to straighten out bad words is to keep making good ones until you say what you need to say to who you need to say it to.”
Lori Aurelia Williams, When Kambia Elaine Flew in from Neptune

Isabel Allende
“I have the idea that we grandmothers are meant to play the part of protective witches; we must watch over younger women, children, community and also, why not? this mistreated planet, the victim of such unrelenting desecration.”
Isabel Allende, Paula

Christopher Hitchens
“One of the questions asked by al-Balkhi, and often repeated to this day, is this: Why do the children of Israel continue to suffer? My grandmother Dodo thought it was because the goyim were jealous. The seder for Passover (which is a shame-faced simulacrum of a Hellenic question-and-answer session, even including the wine) tells the children that it's one of those things that happens to every Jewish generation. After the Shoah or Endlösung or Holocaust, many rabbis tried to tell the survivors that the immolation had been a punishment for 'exile,' or for insufficient attention to the Covenant. This explanation was something of a flop with those whose parents or children had been the raw material for the 'proof,' so for a time the professional interpreters of god's will went decently quiet. This interval of ambivalence lasted until the war of 1967, when it was announced that the divine purpose could be discerned after all. How wrong, how foolish, to have announced its discovery prematurely! The exile and the Shoah could now both be understood, as part of a heavenly if somewhat roundabout scheme to recover the Western Wall in Jerusalem and other pieces of biblically mandated real estate.

I regard it as a matter of self-respect to spit in public on rationalizations of this kind. (They are almost as repellent, in their combination of arrogance, masochism, and affected false modesty, as Edith Stein's 'offer' of her life to expiate the regrettable unbelief in Jesus of her former fellow Jews.) The sage Jews are those who have put religion behind them and become in so many societies the leaven of the secular and the atheist.”
Christopher Hitchens, Hitch-22: A Memoir

منذر بدر حلوم
“يسعد الأجداد ، بل ويسعد معظم الناس ، أن ينتموا إلى زمن عهيد ، بدعوى أن كل شيء في الماضي أفضل ، وحتى ذكريات الفقر كان لها وجه أبيض ناصع ، على الرغم من أنهم كثيرا ما يتحدثون عن فقر أسود”
منذر بدر حلوم, أولاد سكينة أو خروج الأقدام الحافية

Dan Pearce
“Some moments can only be cured with a big squishy grandma hug.”
Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

Barbara "Cutie" Cooper
“I was lucky to live in the 20th century, when gefilte fish could be purchased in a jar.”
Barbara "Cutie" Cooper, Fall in Love for Life: Inspiration from a 73-Year Marriage

Donna K. Childree
“Don't waste your worry on me.”
Donna K. Childree

J.R. Moehringer
“[G]randma was always afraid of something. She set aside time each day for dread. And not nameless dread. She was quite specific about the various tragedies stalking her. She feared pneumonia, muggers, riptides, meteors, drunk drivers, drug addicts, serial killers, tornadoes, doctors, unscrupulous grocery clerks, and the Russians. The depth of Grandma’s dread came home to me when she bought a lottery ticket and sat before the tv as the numbers were called. After her first three numbers were a match, she began praying feverishly that she wouldn’t have the next three. She dreaded winning, for fear that her heart would give out.”
J.R. Moehringer, The Tender Bar

“Do you know...what I think is a great pity? It is this: that we have all become such skeptics that we hardly believe what our pious grandmothers told us.”
― Isak Dinesen, Seven Gothic Tales

Marcel Proust
“I felt that I did not really remember her except through the pain, and I longed for the nails that riveted her to my consciousness to be driven yet deeper.”
Marcel Proust, Sodom and Gomorrah

Rosie Genova
“...if Nonna sensed weakness, she'd zero in for the kill”
Rosie Genova, The Wedding Soup Murder

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