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Deeba Salim Irfan
“A tenacious grip on our own ideals, irrespective of hurdles, would propel us towards self-actualization!”
Deeba Salim Irfan

Honoree Corder
“If you are not able to see your goals, they will take longer to achieve, and sometimes “longer” is "never.”
Honoree Corder, Tall Order! Seven Master Strategies to Organize Your Life and Double Your Success in Half the Time

“When I wanted to know something, I wanted it undistorted by somebody else's imperfect knowledge.”
Milton Erickson

“It does not matter where one comes from, one can achieve even the greatest of things in life.”
Ndiritu Wahome, The Sad Artist and Other Fairytales

“visualize your goal first, before making your plans”
rojade silva

Jaha Knight
“When you set a goal, you have a responsibility to yourself to see it through. No matter how impossible it may seem, resolve to accomplish it.”
Jaha Knight, 39 Day Lifescape-Become a Better You

Stephanie Lahart
“You won’t fail! That’s the fear in you lying to you. You will succeed! That’s why fear is trying so hard to stop you. I encourage you to take that first step. Walk into your purpose and do what you were born to do. Have faith in yourself. Have courage to move forward doubting NOTHING. Doubt has no place and serves no purpose. Give yourself a chance to uncover all of the greatness that’s within you!”
Stephanie Lahart

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