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Joyce Meyer
“I know that if I said today, "How many of you would like to have me pray for you to have self control?" I could stay here and pray for people to have self control until midnight tonight. How many of you would stay if I would just lay hands on you and pray for you to have self control? Well, you know what, it would be a waste of time! Because, you are not going to have self control because somebody prays for you to have self control. You aready have self control. It is in you as a fruit of the spirit, but it's a little teeny tiny little seed. And, nobody else can develop your fruit of the spirit. Nobody can develop your peace but you. Nobody can develop your joy but you. Nobody can develop your patience butyou. Nobody can develop your discipline and self control but you.”
Joyce Meyer

Sinclair Lewis
“Well, if that’s what you call being at peace, for heaven’s sake just warn me before you go to war, will you?”
Sinclair Lewis, Babbit

Hayley DiMarco
“I tend to make my joy a private experience and hoard all the fruit for myself, forgetting that the tree doesn’t eat its own fruit but presents it to others.”
Hayley DiMarco, The Fruitful Wife: Cultivating a Love Only God Can Produce

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