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Vera Nazarian
“Was it you or I who stumbled first? It does not matter. The one of us who finds the strength to get up first, must help the other.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

William Penn
“They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it.
Death cannot kill what never dies.
Nor can spirits ever be divided, that love and live in the same divine principle, the root and record of their friendship.
If absence be not death, neither is theirs.
Death is but crossing the world, as friends do the seas; they live in one another still.
For they must needs be present, that love and live in that which is omnipresent.
In this divine glass they see face to face; and their converse is free, as well as pure.
This is the comfort of friends, that though they may be said to die, yet their friendship and society are, in the best sense, ever present, because immortal.”
William Penn, Some Fruits of Solitude / More Fruits of Solitude

William T. Sherman
“Grant stood by me when I was crazy, and I stood by him when he was drunk, and now we stand by each other.”
William T. Sherman

David Richo
“The foundation of adult trust is not "You will never hurt me." It is "I trust myself with whatever you do.”
David Richo, Daring to Trust: Opening Ourselves to Real Love and Intimacy

Fulton J. Sheen
“In every friendship hearts grow and entwine themselves together, so that the two hearts seem to make only one heart with only a common thought. That is why separation is so painful; it is not so much two hearts separating, but one being torn asunder.”
Fulton J. Sheen

Rachel Hawthorne
“We were each other's rock. But did it make us each other's destiny?”
Rachel Hawthorne, Full Moon

C.S. Lewis
“Once when I had remarked on the affection quite often found between cat and dog, my friend replied, "Yes. But I bet no dog would ever confess it to the other dogs.”
C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

Robert Goolrick
“Their love for me was both a myth and a torture and so I wrecked everything. I hurt them, and I left them hurting.”
Robert Goolrick, The End of the World as We Know It: Scenes from a Life

“Most women go through life looking for love, and looking for someone to treat them like a queen. For some women finding real love seems to be something that will never happen. I believe that finding love is not as hard as people make it seem. The reason that some women can't find real love is because they look for more than just real love. A lot of women know what they need in a relationship, and thats for a man to love that woman with all of his heart, and to treat her real good. Most women have guys in their life or guys that try to get with them that could really love them and treat them real good. Those are usually the guys that get forced into that friend zone or rejected upfront. See those guys could give them what they need, but not what they want. “Wants” can be anything from a woman wanting a man to have certain materialistic things, or she could want him to look a certain way, those are a few examples of the things that some of them want, but they vary depending on the female. What some females don't understand is that none of the things that they want has anything with love or how that person will treat you. You could find a man that looks perfect, has a house and car, he can be a college graduate with a good job, and you could still end up being with a person that doesn't truly love you, and will treat you like shit. What I am trying to say is that the person who could treat you good and really love you could already be in your life, but you could have been blinded by the things you want in a man so you overlooked the person that you were really looking for. And by the way there are men that do the same thing; I just wanted to be clear on that.”
Taisen Deshimaru

Isabel Allende
“La verdadera amistad resiste el tiempo, la distancia y el silencio.”
Isabel Allende, Portrait in Sepia

Kristin Cast
“It's a little hard not to worry when my best friend keeps on dying.”
Kristin Cast, Hunted

C.S. Lewis
“Friendship, then, like the other natural loves, is unable to save itself. In reality, because it is spiritual and therefore faces a subtler enemy, it must, even more wholeheartedly than they, invoke the divine protection if it hopes to remain sweet. For consider how narrow its true path is. Is must not become what the people call a "mutual admiration society"; yet if it is not full of mutual admiration, of Appreciative love, it is not Friendship at all.”
C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

Raquel Cepeda
“I have never bought into the idea that blood is thicker than water. Love and respect are meant to be earned from our children, our spouses, our families, and our friends.”
Raquel Cepeda, Bird of Paradise: How I Became Latina

Cassandra Clare
“He pulled the Carstairs family ring from his finger and held it out to Will. "Take it."
Will let his eyes drift down toward it, and then up to Jem's face. A dozen awful things he could say, or do, went through his mind. One did not slough off a persona so quickly, he had found. He had pretended to be cruel for so many years that the pretense was still what he reached for first, as a man might absently turn his carriage toward the home he had lived in for all his life, despite the fact that he had recently moved. "You wish to marry me now?" he said, at last.”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Better be a nettle in the side of your friend than his echo.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sitta Karina
“la amistad es la raíz del amor puro. el amor puro es la fuente de la felicidad.”
Sitta Karina

Lisa Ann Sandell
“But, I believe," I continue, "I know what true love is - or what it should be."

"What should it be?" Tristan asks, his voice soft now.

"It should be a friendship and truly knowing who a person is, knowing his flaws and hopes and strengths and fears, knowing all of it. And admiring and caring for - loving the person because of those things.”
Lisa Ann Sandell, Song of the Sparrow

Fujiko F. Fujio
“Hold on, Nobita-kun, I'll come rescue you.”
Fujiko F. Fujio, Doraemon 1

Richard Bach
“don't you think between here and now we will see each other once or twice?”
Richard Bach

Nguyễn Nhật Ánh
“Tôi chẳng hiểu Binô thích tôi ở điểm nào.
Binô là một đứa bạn thú vị. Trong khi ngược lại, tôi là một đứa nhạt nhẽo. Có lẽ nó thích tôi chỉ vì tôi thích nó.
Con người chắc cũng vậy: đôi khi bạn yêu mến một ai đó đơn giản chỉ vì người đó thật lòng yêu mến bạn. Tâm hồn chúng ta được sinh ra là để chờ đáp lại niềm yêu mến đến từ một tâm hồn khác. Nó giống như chiếc ống sáo, sẵn sàng reo lên khi ngọn gió mùa hè thổi qua.”
Nguyễn Nhật Ánh, Tôi Là Bêtô

Robert Louis Stevenson
“Alan," cried I, "what makes ye so good to me? What makes ye care for such a thankless fellow?"

Deed, and I don't, know" said Alan. "For just precisely what I thought I liked about ye, was that ye never quarrelled:—and now I like ye better!”
Robert Louis Stevenson, Kidnapped

Elizabeth Wein
“Oh Julie, wouldn’t I know if you were dead? Wouldn’t I feel it happening, like a jolt of electricity to my heart?”
Elizabeth Wein, Code Name Verity

Stephen King
“I think that real friendship always makes us feel such sweet gratitude, because the world almost always seems like a very hard desert, and the flowers that grow there seem to grow against such high odds.”
Stephen King, The Eyes of the Dragon

“With the world's fate resting on your shoulder - you're gonna need someone on your side.
You can't do it by yourself any longer - you're gonna need someone on your side.”

Rick Riordan
“It’s not mind-reading,’ she said. ‘Not even an empathy link. Just … a temporary wave of exhaustion. Primal emotions. Your pain washes over me. I take on some of your burden.’
Nico’s expression became guarded. He twisted the silver skull ring on his finger, the same way Reyna did with her silver ring when she was thinking. Sharing a habit with the son of Hades made her uneasy.”
Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus

Milan Kundera
“Unlike the puerile loyalty to a conviction, loyalty to a friend is a virtue - perhaps the only virtue, the last remaining one.”
Milan Kundera, Encounter

“Friendship is a strong and habitual inclination in two persons to promote the good and happiness in another.”
Eustace Budgell

“True friendhip is like sound health: the value of it is seldom know until it is lost.”
Charles Caleb Colton

Cecelia Ahern
“I don’t want to be
one of those easily forgotten people, so important at the time, so special, so
influential, and so treasured, yet years later just a vague face and a distant
Cecelia Ahern

Veronica Roth
“Psyche you out?" I repeat. "I'm your FRIEND. I wouldn't do that."

He doesn't say anything. I can tell he doesn't believe me-not quite.”
Veronica Roth

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