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Sylvia Day
“Cracking his knuckles, Cary dramatically prepared to open his fortune cookie. “Let’s see. Will I be rich? Famous? About to
meet Mr. or Ms. Tall, Dark, and Tasty? Traveling to distant lands? What’d you guys get?”
“Mine’s lame,” I said. “In the end all things will be known. Duh. I didn’t need a fortune to figure that out.”
Gideon opened his and read, “Prosperity will knock on your door soon.”
I snorted.
Cary shot me a look. “I know, right? You snatched someone else’s cookie, Cross.”
“He better not be anywhere near someone else’s cookie,” I said dryly.
Reaching over, Gideon plucked half of mine out of my fingers. “Don’t worry, angel. Your cookie is the only one I want.”
He popped it in his mouth with a wink.
“Gag,” Cary muttered. “Get a room.” He cracked his fortune with a flourish, and then scowled. “What the fuck?”
I leaned forward. “What’s it say?”
“Confucius say,” Gideon ad-libbed, “man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day.”
Cary threw half his cookie at Gideon, who caught it deftly and grinned.
“Give me that.” I snatched the fortune out from between Cary’s fingers and read it. Then laughed.
“Fuck you, Eva.”
“Well?” Gideon prodded.
“Pick another cookie.”
Gideon smiled. “Pwned by a fortune.”
Cary threw the other half of his cookie.”
Sylvia Day, Bared to You

Meg Cabot
“I just got a fortune cookie that says "Turn off your computer and read a book" which is odd because I'm WRITING a book...on my computer!”
Meg Cabot

Lauren Bjorkman
“Like special fungus, your love will grow in strange places”
Lauren Bjorkman, Miss Fortune Cookie

Lauren Bjorkman
“Fate will come looking for you. Don't bother hiding”
Lauren Bjorkman, Miss Fortune Cookie

“Your best idea will come to you in the shower this week. Act on it.”
Chinese fortune cookie

Andrea Lochen
“What good were fate and fortune anyway? If there was some sort of plan she was supposed to follow, it was unreadable to her and impossible to stick to. She was tired of fate, which was probably just a made-up concept invented by humans to feel like something or someone was guiding them anyway. God, spirits, cookies, whatever. She was so sick of buying into the idea that there was actually meaning behind any of this. It was just her, blind and alone, making a mess of her life on her own, thank you very much.”
Andrea Lochen

Jarod Kintz
“I had the good fortune to make love to a cookie that discharged wisdom. The cookie was shaped like a woman, only sweeter.”
Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

Stanley Victor Paskavich
“Okay, I admit it: sometimes I sound like a fortune cookie”
Stanley Victor Paskavich, Stantasyland: Quips Quotes and Quandaries

Justin Swapp
“Everybody, even those that don’t like Chinese food, knew that you had to eat the cookie for the fortune to come true. And so he did.”
Justin Swapp, The Magic Shop

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