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Cassandra Clare
“There is no pretending",Jace said with absolute clarity."I love you,and I will love you until I die,and if there's a life after that,I'll love you then."
She caught her breath.He had said it-the words there was no going back from.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Glass

Cassandra Clare
“That sounds terrific, thought Cary, just you, your comatose wife your shell-shocked son, and your daughter who hates your guts. Not to mention that your two kids may be in love with each other. Yeah, that sounds like a perfect family reunion.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

Cassandra Clare
“Jace looked as if she had slapped him. "Why are you determined not to believe us?"
"Because she loves you," said Valentine.
Clary felt the blood drain out of her face.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

Cassandra Clare
“My heart tells me this is the best and greatest feeling I have ever had. But my mind knows the difference between wanting what you can’t have and wanting what you shouldn’t want. And I shouldn’t want you.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Glass

Cassandra Clare
“He clung to her more tightly, knotting his hands in her hair, trying to tell her, with the press of his mouth on hers, all the things he could never say out loud: I love you; I love you and I don’t care that you’re my sister; don’t be with him, don’t want him, don’t go with him. Be with me. Want me. Stay with me.
I don’t know how to be without you.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Arundhati Roy
“If he touched her, he couldn't talk to her, if he loved her he couldn't leave, if he spoke he couldn't listen, if he fought he couldn't win.”
Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things

Magan Vernon
“I'm falling in love with you." As the words left his mouth, his lips pressed to mine, giving me the most intense and explosive kiss I had ever had. With the coldness of his lips and the warmth of his tongue beneath mine I saw fireworks and felt them through every part of my body.”
Magan Vernon, How to Date an Alien

Nicole Gulla
“I haven't known you for long, I don't even know what your favorite color is or your favorite song, but…I know every detail and curve of your face and the way your eyes sparkle when you smile. I know that you put your hands to your chest when you laugh and the adorable way you fiddle with your fingers when you're nervous. I think of you every minute of every day. I've realized I can't live my life without you in it. I want you. Only you.”
Nicole Gulla, The Lure of the Moon

Leah Raeder
“He embraced me, and said into my ear, 'I'm going to fuck the shit out of you.'
I lost my breath.
It was crude, it was unexpected, and it set me on fucking fire.”
Leah Raeder, Unteachable

Nicole Gulla
“Even though we were never supposed to be together…I can’t be with anyone else, no matter the consequences.”
Nicole Gulla, The Lure of the Moon

Ann Marie Frohoff
“I've come to realize that love is tragic, somewhere down the line it's inevitable. Fight for it.”
Ann Marie Frohoff

Zack Love
“Have you ever experienced a beauty of soul, an esthetic grace, that was so intense it made you want to cry?"

From Central Park Song ( A Screenplay )”
Zack Love, Stories and Scripts: an Anthology

Ann Marie Frohoff
“Be careful who you allow into your bed, and more importantly your heart.”
Ann Marie Frohoff

“Merrill Hartweiss scales a rocky incline toward Renna. The noon sun bakes the hillside as Merrill's boots dig into the broiling sands. Yet another gypsy tune enters his head. It starts off slowly. A lone guitar, its strings strummed with the lustful passion of a young man brushing his fingertips softly against the breasts of his lover. Another guitar joins, like a second hand, exploring her hot flesh, stroking the side of her bare abdomen, and gradually moving upward toward her chest. Then, a female voice joins the guitars; it is slightly raspy, yet sultry; filled with a fiery allure. The guitars pick up in intensity and tempo. There is a rhythmic clapping now, in synchronization with the strumming. The man has entered his lover.

Sweat begins to form on Merrill's forehead, then quickly turns to vapor, dissipating into the blistering heat from the sunlight reflecting off the sands. Steady clapping, louder still. The tempo quickens, progressively and with a vigorous intensity. The man arches his back, cresting then falling; cresting, arching, rising and falling deeper again and again into his lover. The clapping, now faster, still rhythmic, but so much more intense. The guitars keep pace with increasing ferocity. In the woman's voice, short, quick breaths form words as she cries out her lover's name from deep within the throes of a forbidden love”
Angel Rosa

Cassandra Giovanni
“I’ve never had a reason to survive—no reason to question the way things were. I lived because I was told to…now I live because I want to. I survive because I want to know what is outside the deception we’re buried in, and I want to experience it with you. You’re the only person I’ve ever trusted, and now you’re the reason I’m going to fight. I don’t know how we’re going to make it out of here, but we’ll find a way. We’ll find a better life.”
Cassandra Giovanni, In Between Seasons

Chelsea Ballinger
“For me… it was excruciating.” He closed his eyes for a moment then focused on her. “It is so painful to truly love someone so much and not have them. For years I practiced tolerating that pain. Around the time I was sixteen I could finally stand to look at you. So, I did, all the damn time. I watched you so carefully. I captured every smile, every frown, every tear from you. I wanted you… but I couldn’t have you. Then one day we became friends and
the pain came back, but I didn’t care because you were my friend, my best friend. But when you kissed me, I realized the feeling I had before was nothing compared to what I felt when we kissed. I felt alive… and guilty and betrayed, because it’s not fair. It’s not fair for me to go through that… to want to kiss you every day, every hour, every minute for the rest of my miserable life, but I want to. I’m afraid that it will get to a point where I need to. I have been in love with you since I was eight years old. I have hated the way my father has treated me, but nothing has hurt me as much as the pain of my mother’s death except seeing you and my brother in bliss. What I want is for you to stay in this room with me. I want to feel how you feel, taste how you taste, and completely fall in you because I’m just… tired of always wanting what I can’t have. I want to make you smile, make you happy… I want to be inside you… I want to give you pleasure in every way… mind, body, and soul… I am completely, madly… and utterly in love with you… and it hurts… because I can’t have you. And it hurts because if there is a chance that I can then it is possible that it will turn out to be my tragedy and misfortune. And all I can say to that … I accept my tragedy… but I don’t wish it.”
Chelsea Ballinger, The Kindness of Kings

Nicole Gulla
“There was a definite pull to him and in that moment I had to know why.”
Nicole Gulla, The Lure of the Moon

Tabitha Suzuma
“Me limpio las mejillas y vuelvo la cabeza para mirarlo —¡No hemos hecho nada malo! ¿Cómo se le puede llamar terrible a un amor así cuando no le estamos haciendo daño a nadie?
Él me mira, sus ojos brillan a la débil luz. —No sé— susurra.—¿Cómo algo tan malo puede sentirse tan bien?”
Tabitha Suzuma, Forbidden

Allan Dare Pearce
“Having something forbidden is exciting, don't you agree?”
Allan Dare Pearce, Paris in April

Nicole Gulla
“I couldn't shake this feeling that I had uncovered more than something ordinary.”
Nicole Gulla

“You may not mean to, but you do seem to look down your nose at many of us mere mortals muddling along down here. I feel as though you think everyone should be better than they are. I certainly think you expect me to behave like some sort of perfect princess. But I’m just an ordinary girl who wants to grow up and find out where I belong in the world.”
Emily Arden, Lover by Moonlight: Deception: Book One

“He felt torn. He wanted her to feel safe with him, but he also wanted her to feel the sort of heady excitement that any young girl should feel when they fall in love. He wanted to give her everything she craved, and he was not quite sure he could do it.”
Emily Arden

Cassandra Giovanni
“The closer we get—the more I let you in…the more dangerous this gets. We’re just pawns in this game, and I wasn’t playing before. I was just a piece to move about the board, but I am playing now. Don’t you get it? You’re what everyone wants! But I’m not going to let them win.”
Cassandra Giovanni, In Between Seasons

Cassandra Giovanni
“Love hadn’t existed in this world. Only hate, deceit and lies, but by letting him in I’d let all of that crumble.
By letting me in he’d done the same, and now we were engaged in an even deadlier game than before.”
Cassandra Giovanni, In Between Seasons

Nicole Gulla
“You finally find the Scripter and she's an absolute babe. What are the chances? Not to mention, you two actually like one another. It's just amazing, a modern day Romeo and Juliet. But, a rivalry that goes back even longer in history that that story.”
Nicole Gulla, The Lure of the Moon

Mara White
“Before Jaylee, I was always under the impression that people cheated on their spouses because they were seeking something outside of the marriage that was missing. I’m not sure if anything was lacking in my marriage to Robert. I wasn’t looking; Jaylee just happened. Now I fear that I will never again experience the heights of desire that I feel when I’m with him and I’m mourning it before it’s even gone.”
Mara White, Heights of Desire

“Fate was cruel to play this trick on her, although if she were honest she knew she only had herself to blame. She had taken the chance and now she had to pay the price.”
Emily Arden

“It was a constant battle not to turn her head in his direction; but every time she did, he was looking over at her. Each time he’d smile, and Rylan would jerk her gaze away. She knew what that smile was capable of, and she was doing a good job avoiding it until it suddenly appeared over her shoulder.”
Courtney Giardina, Holding on to Georgia

Cassandra Giovanni
“Make me a weapon,” I whispered as he pulled away. “Make it so I never have to dream about this again—make it so we can have this…forever.”
Cassandra Giovanni, In Between Seasons

R.M. Romarney
“Blue Planet Phenomenon.

she’s from the pink planet called Constellation
he’s from the dark planet beyond
under a constant monitor
no love a interplanetary phenomenon

he’s an interstellar
she’s studying astronomy
what they have seen sets in motion their biology
they will meet on the blue planet
they should know better
it’s death if they get together

interplanetary love is forbidden
their passion keep it hidden
they should know better
but they must be together
to the blue planet
love velocity interstellar

crossing Earth’s longitudes
hiding their love in the new years eve multitudes
they should know better
their love still not allowed
under another planets blanketing cloud

Planet Earth in unified love
new years eve blue planet phenomenon
she will fall pregnant
their baby conceived at a time of human unity
their unborn baby and united humanity
become one in harmony

interstellar before they’re discovered
too late their love uncovered
they should know better
it’s death for forbidden love together

trial on dark planet
they will all die today
“kill them now”
judgment say

they plea for their unborn baby’s mercy
a reprieve
child leniency
only for their baby clemency

“bring on the birth” authorities say
a unpredicted baby delivery
conceived in a time of human unity
a love descendant of humanity

interstellar love racing
interplanetary embracing
human love emanating
from their newborn baby
blanketing pink planet with love
blanketing dark planet with love

two planets authority depleting
two planets a love meeting
now love not forbidden
love never to be hidden
interstellar love plea
she and he with their baby to go free

By R.M.Romarney.”
R.M. Romarney

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