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Kobayashi Issa
“On the Death of his Child

Dew Evaporates
And all our world is dew...so dear,
So fresh, so fleeting”
Kobayashi Issa, Japanese Haiku

Jack Kerouac
“I am young now and can look upon my body and soul with pride. But it will be mangled soon, and later it will begin to disintegrate, and then I shall die, and die conclusively. How can we face such a fact, and not live in fear?”
Jack Kerouac

“Steadfast Seas and Mountains

The lofty mountains and the seas,
Being mountains, being seas,
Both exist and are real.
But frail as flowers are the lives of men,
Passing phantoms of this world.”
Reiko Chiba, Hiroshige's Tokaido in Prints and Poetry

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