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Nicole  Williams
“Jude wasn’t just my first love. He was my forever love.”
Nicole Williams, Clash

Lauren Weisberger
“First loves were powerful and private,and they stayed with you for a very long time. A lifetime.(...) There would always be a small,intimate piece of your heart tucked away for the person you loved first.”
Lauren Weisberger, Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

“This is for you, all the women of the world
Those who lived, all who ever will
this is for your love, mine is yours
Love is fate, I am here
Because you know the meaning of life
That begins and ends with a kiss
We are knights in shining ardor, who toil for you
And our children, it's a circle
So they will know this truth
Love is the sacred gospel, all we need to know
As your son and lover, my spirit lives imbued
With, from and by your wisdom and beauty
I am here to pay honor and homage to your soul
This is and will always be my devotion
This I dedicate, because through you I become whole”
Trevor McShane

Chimnese Davids
“Yet deep inside I know that I'm truly blessed that I was loved by someone like you. I'll always love you my Mia Amor. I'll never forget the first poem I've written for you and how that was the first taste of love I've ever felt in my 26 years.
You've shown me a love that I've never known.
A love that comes along ‘once’ in a lifetime! A love ‘through the years’; I have shared with you! You are this kind of love, I love you. Thank you for being the “PERFECT LOVE" for me.”
Chimnese Davids, My Unrequited Love Letters

Lindsay Detwiler
“I will never forget the way that my hand felt in yours, the way that your lips awoke a sense of vibrancy in the depths of my soul. I will never forget the joys in the simplicity of our moments together. I will never settle for anything less than what we had."~Emma Ranstein”
Lindsay Detwiler

T. Torrest
“The thing is, though, is that I’m yours. You own me. You always did. This is happening. And we’re making it work this time.”
T. Torrest, Remember When 3: The Finale

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