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Terry Pratchett
“Of course, it is very important to be sober when you take an exam. Many worthwhile careers in the street-cleansing, fruit-picking and subway-guitar-playing industries have been founded on a lack of understanding of this simple fact.”
Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures

“All I can say is, 'Damn the exam!”
William Shawcross, The Queen Mother: The Official Biography
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Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“To be better equipped for the tests that the year will bring — read a textbook. To prepare for the tests that life will bring — read a book.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“The only problem i had with literature that I simply couldn't figure out was that the correct answer was the first thing that comes to your mind after reading the question, the most obvious one.
I can only blame math for that.”
Blin Varfi

“Time to study no time to waste, I the great man must gain every second of the day.”
Shay- Ann Harriott
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“N.B. – Do not on any account attempt to write on both sides of the paper at once.”
W.C. Sellar, 1066 and All That: A Memorable History of England
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Rebecca Harrington
“Penelope did not understand how this [study] group was ever formed. It consisted only of her mortal enemies. However, these were things you seemed to put aside during exam period.”
Rebecca Harrington, Penelope

“In a British University, a final exam question on Business was:

"Define what risk is".

The shortest answer ever at one word was :


The student handed the essay in and got 100%.”
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E.M. Forster
“Most of us are pseudo-scholars...for we are a very large and quite a powerful class, eminent in Church and State, we control the education of the Empire, we lend to the Press such distinction as it consents to receive, and we are a welcome asset at dinner-parties.

Pseudo-scholarship is, on its good side, the homage paid by ignorance to learning. It also has an economic side, on which we need not be hard. Most of us must get a job before thirty, or sponge on our relatives, and many jobs can only be got by passing an exam. The pseudo-scholar often does well in examination (real scholars are not much good), and even when he fails he appreciates their inner majesty. They are gateways to employment, they have power to ban and bless. A paper on King Lear may lead somewhere, unlike the rather far-fetched play of the same name. It may be a stepping-stone to the Local Government Board. He does not often put it to himself openly and say, "That's the use of knowing things, they help you to get on." The economic pressure he feels is more often subconscious, and he goes to his exam, merely feeling that a paper on King Lear is a very tempestuous and terrible experience but an intensely real one. ...As long as learning is connected with earning, as long as certain jobs can only be reached through exams, so long must we take the examination system seriously. If another ladder to employment were contrived, much so-called education would disappear, and no one be a penny the stupider.”
E.M. Forster, Aspects of the Novel

Israelmore Ayivor
“My usual instruction to students when they are preparing to write their examinations is "think before you answer the questions". I am convinced that some multiple choice answers could be so close that you might not know the very one that answers the question correctly! Such is life. To choose your suitable dreams, you must think well!”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

“During the engineering exams we only need ink in our pen, nothing else is needed to answer the question paper.”
Prashant Gupta
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“I agree that exam has its own pressure, but not in my dictionary, in my dictionary no exam no pressure there is only one word and that is happiness.”
M.Rishad Sakhi
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Allan Dare Pearce
“Well, tests ain't fair. Those that study have an unfair advantage. It's always been that way.”
Allan Dare Pearce, Paris in April

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