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Willem Lange
“What New England is, is a state of mind, a place where dry humor and perpetual disappointment blend to produce an ironic pessimism that folks from away find most perplexing”
Willem Lange

Muhammad Ali Jinnah
“I have lived as plain Mr. Jinnah and I hope to die as plain Mr. Jinnah. I am very much averse to any title or honours and I will be more than happy if there was no prefix to my name.”
Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Jaye Wells
“By now, I should have learned that luck, if she was a lady, was a mean-spirited bitch with a grudge against me.”
Jaye Wells, Red-Headed Stepchild

Fran Lebowitz
“Now, nature, as I am only too aware, has her enthusiasts, but on the whole, I am not to be counted among them. To put it bluntly, I am not the type who wants to go back to the land; I am the type who wants to go back to the hotel.”
Fran Lebowitz

Clare Boothe Luce
“No good deed goes unpunished.”
Clare Boothe Luce

Douglas Coupland
“How can we be alive and not wonder about the stories we knit together this place we call the world? Without stories our universe is merely rocks and clouds and lava and blackness. It's a village scraped raw by warm waters leaving not a trace of what existed before.”
Douglas Coupland, Generation A

Robert A. Heinlein
“Democracy is a poor system; the only thing that can be said for it is that it's eight times as good as any other method.”
Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

Mark  Lawrence
“The perfumes of lords and ladies tickled at my nose: lavender and orange oil. On the road, shit has the decency to stink.”
Mark Lawrence, Prince of Thorns

Michael Chabon
“The devolution of American culture takes another great step forward”
Michael Chabon, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

T.A. Miles
“His father was an ass and he is an ass. I imagine sooner than I should like I shall be playing uncle to a litter of asses.”
T.A. Miles, Raventide

Jennifer A. Nielsen
“How will it look to everyone at dinner if the servant who left with Amarinda fails to return?

How will it look if that servant's bandages bleed through and he drips blood on Conner's dinning table?”
Jennifer A. Nielsen, The False Prince

“We keep electing council members for appearance sake, it doesn’t mean anything, and it is just a show for the people, so that they may sleep well at night with their delusion of peace.”
S.R. Gibbs, The Inner Kingdom

Jean-Dominique Bauby
“When I began a diet a week before my stroke, I never dreamed of such a dramatic result.”
Jean-Dominique Bauby, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Jean-Dominique Bauby
“In the past, it was known as a "massive stroke," and you simply died. But improved resuscitation techniques have now prolonged and refined the agony.”
Jean-Dominique Bauby

Brandon Sanderson
“Most of you Mistborn are probably too proud to crawl. I'm surprised you were willing to do so yourself."
"Too proud to crawl?" Kelsier said. "Nosense! Why, I'd say that we Mistborn are too proud not to be humble enough to go crawling about--in a dignified manner, of course."
Dockson frowned, approaching the desk. "Kell, that didn't make any sense."
"We Mistborn need not make sense.”
Brandon Sanderson, The Final Empire

Brandon Sanderson
“Kelsier rapped lightly on the door, and Dockson strolled over, pulling it open.
"And he makes his stunning entry!" Kelsier announced, sweeping into the room, throwing back his mistcloak.
Dockson snorted, shutting the doors. "You're truly a wonder to behold, Kell. Particularly the soot stains on your knees.”
Brandon Sanderson, The Final Empire

Jean-Dominique Bauby
“France was at peace; one couldn't shoot the bearers of bad news.”
Jean-Dominique Bauby, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Agatha Christie
“Dyspepsia is responsible for many a reputation for romantic melancholy or ungovernable rages.”
Agatha Christie, Murder in the Mews

Soman Chainani
“Make us human, they demanded
Agatha blanched. Since when could she understand animals?
Save us, princess, they cried.
Since when could she understand delusional animals?”
Soman Chainani, The School for Good and Evil

Sharon Cameron
“Surely there was not another soul in England that could delude themselves like I could.”
Sharon Cameron, The Dark Unwinding

Iain Pears
“Stick to journalism, Mr Cort, where you never have to understand anything.”
Iain Pears

René Friedrich
“If people doubt you, then you made progress from "who cares?”
René Friedrich, Success. Love. Poetry.

Samuel Johnson
“BIO'GRAPHER: A writer of lives; a relator not of the history of nations, but of the actions of particular persons.”
Samuel Johnson, A Dictionary of the English Language: an Anthology

Charles Dickens
“When the Attorney-General ceased, a buzz arose in the court as if a cloud of great blue-flies were swarming about the prisoner, in anticipation of what he was soon to become.”
Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

Jonathan L. Howard
“Könnten Sie nicht hin und wieder lächeln?" Dass diese Äußerung aus dem Mund eines Menschen, den ein Lächeln so viel Anstrengung zu kosten schien, dass er wahrscheinlich daran krepiert wäre, an Heuchelei nicht zu überbieten war, wurde von den Anwesenden kommentarlos zur Kenntnis genommen.”
Jonathan L. Howard, Johannes Cabal the Detective

Aimee Bender
“Dad lost his job. Then he got a new job. Then he got his old job back and went back to it. They were all in the same building.”
Aimee Bender, The Color Master: Stories

R.J. Larson
“Kien exhaled his relief. Until he saw the welcoming committee.
Bryce and Prill rushed toward Ela and Kien, exultant. Followed by Lorteus, the royal fightmaster. An unpleasant grin widened in Lorteus' battered face, and his voice grated harsh in Kien's ears. "Welcome sir! I've been sent ahead by order of our king to direct your recovery-seeing's how you nearly died by failing to heed my lessons. Good of his majesty, isn't it?"
Oh yes. Killing good. Kien rested a hand on the Azurnite sword-just in case-and he managed to look stern. "Fine. But not now Lorteus!"
"Of course not, sir' Lorteus agreed flatly. "Tonight, I clean the weapons. At dawn, I'll fetch you for work-to overcome your failure. Be ready."
As Ela linked her arm in his, Kien hissed, "He's going to kill me!"
"Hmm." Ela smiled and hugged him while they crossed the courtyard. "We think he's already done some good, sir. You're walking faster now.”
R.J. Larson, King

Jackie Castle
“Even though she only used the dagger Jerin gave her for chopping meat and vegetables, Ethan still insisted she keep it on her at all times. That way, she mused, if anyone did attack her, she could make them a salad or something.”
Jackie Castle, Emanate

Jackie Castle
“Don't be a scaredy-human," called Emerald. "Gran-Doyen says I can't burn you up, so I won't." Then under her breath, she added, "Though accidents do happen." (Emerald to Ethan)”
Jackie Castle, Emanate

Samuel Beckett
“Real scratching is superior to masturbation, in my opinion.”
Samuel Beckett, The Complete Short Prose, 1929-1989

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