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Karen Marie Moning
“If aught must be lost, ‘twill be my honor for yours. If one must be forsaken, ‘twill be my soul for yours. Should death come anon, ‘twill be my life for yours. I am Given.”
Karen Marie Moning, Kiss of the Highlander

Simona Panova
“So, apart from casting runes, what other hobbies do you have? Forbidden rituals, human sacrifices, torturing? –”
Simona Panova, Nightmarish Sacrifice

L.J. Smith
“And this is how the ending starts.”
L.J. Smith, The Fury / Dark Reunion

Kevin Hearne
“...underneath their human guises, they looked like the typical faery - that is, no wings, scantily clad and kind of man-pretty like Orlando Bloom's Legolas...”
Kevin Hearne, Hounded

Arthur Pendragon
Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”
Arthur Pendragon, The Trials of Arthur

Kevin Hearne
“Oberon’s been kidnapped along with one of the werewolves, and that’s why we’re all so upset. We’ll talk more tomorrow, and I promise to answer all your questions if I survive the night,” I said.
The widow’s eyebrows raised. “Ye’ve got all these nasty pooches to run around with and ye still might die?”
“I’m going to go fight with a god, some demons, and a coven of witches who all want to kill me,” I said, “so it’s a distinct possibility.”
“Are y’goin’ t’kill ’em back?”
“I’d certainly like to.”
“Attaboy,” the widow chuckled. “Off y’go, then. Kill every last one o’ the bastards and call me in the mornin’.”
Kevin Hearne, Hounded

Mark Del Franco
“Most druids fall into two groups: sticks or stones. Wood has some wonderful properties, but it has a tendency to react too much with the user for my particular taste. Because they retain some of their own innate essence, using wands becomes almost a partnership. You have to be very nature-oriented to use them to their best advantage.”
Mark Del Franco, Unshapely Things
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Micheal Rivers
“I was reaching for one of the handles when I heard Heidler’s voice from behind me. ‘It would not be wise to enter. It is a bad time to disturb the dead.”
Micheal Rivers, Verliege

Zoe Forward
“Holy cow, she'd just slept with the hottest guy in the universe. She, the super science geek. The you-go-girl side of her brain wahooed. The rational side of her brain spat out a resounding, Oh shit.”
Zoe Forward, Protecting His Witch

Kevin Hearne
“When in doubt, know your way out, I always say."
"I thought you always said, 'When in doubt, blame the dark elves.'"
"Well, yeah, that too."
"I don't think those are very practical solutions to doubt," Oberon said. "They don't leave you feeling satisfied. 'When in doubt, eat your neighbor's lunch' is better, because then you would at least be full.”
Kevin Hearne, Trapped

Kevin Hearne
“When in doubt, know your way out, I always say."
"I thought you always said, 'When in doubt, blame the dark elves.'"
"Well, yeah, that too."
Oberon said.
Kevin Hearne, Trapped

René Guénon
“Ce nom a d’ailleurs un double sens, qui se réfère encore à un autre symbolisme : dru ou deru, comme le latin robur, désigne à la fois la force et le chêne (en grec δρυς) ; d’autre part, vid est, comme en sanscrit, la sagesse ou la connaissance, assimilée à la vision, mais c’est aussi le gui ; ainsi, dru-vid est le gui du chêne, qui était en effet l’un des principaux symboles du Druidisme, et il est en même temps l’homme en qui réside la sagesse appuyée sur la force. De plus, la racine dru, comme on le voit par les formes sanscrites équivalentes dhru et dhri comporte encore l’idée de stabilité, qui est d’ailleurs un des sens du symbole de l’arbre en général et du chêne en particulier ; et ce sens de stabilité correspond ici très exactement à l’attitude du Sphinx au repos.”
René Guénon, Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power

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