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Mehek Bassi
“Whatever I learned,
Whatever I knew,
Seems like those faded years of childhood that flew,
Away in some dilemma,
Always in some confusion,
The purpose of this life,
Seems like an illusion!”
Mehek Bassi, Chained: Can you escape fate?

Michael Pollan
“Much of our food system depends on our not knowing much about it, beyond the price disclosed by the checkout scanner; cheapness and ignorance are mutually reinforcing. And it's a short way from not knowing who's at the other end of your food chain to not caring–to the carelessness of both producers and consumers that characterizes our economy today. Of course, the global economy couldn't very well function without this wall of ignorance and the indifference it breeds. This is why the American food industry and its international counterparts fight to keep their products from telling even the simplest stories–"dolphin safe," "humanely slaughtered," etc.–about how they were produced. The more knowledge people have about the way their food is produced, the more likely it is that their values–and not just "value"–will inform their purchasing decisions.”
Michael Pollan, The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals

Sara Gruen
“Sometimes I think that if I had to choose between an ear of corn or making love to a woman, I'd choose the corn. Not that I wouldn't love to have a final roll in the hay - I am a man yet, and something never die - but the thought of those sweet kernels bursting between my teeth sure sets my mouth to watering. It's fantasy, I know that. Neither will happen. I just like to weight the options, as though I were standing in front of Solomon: a final roll in the hay or an ear of corn. What a wonderful dilemma. Sometimes I substitute an apple for the corn.”
Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants

Harper Lee
“So far nothing in your life has interfered with your reasoning process.”
Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Alex Morritt
“How initially 'to get her in the sack' and subsequently to avoid 'her giving you the sack' are not identical dilemmas faced by the male species, but they sure have a bizarre habit of being bedfellows”
Alex Morritt, Impromptu Scribe
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Ntozake Shange
“but bein alive & bein a woman & bein colored is a metaphysical
dilemma/ i havent conquered yet/ do you see the point
my spirit is too ancient to understand the separation of soul & gender/ my love is too delicate to have thrown back on my face

my love is too delicate to have thrown back on my face

my love is too beautiful to have thrown back on my face

my love is too sanctified to have thrown back on my face

my love is too magic to have thrown back on my face

my love is too saturday nite to have thrown back on my face

my love is too complicated to have thrown back on my face

my love is too music to have thrown back on my face”
Ntozake Shange, for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf

“You can keep pondering on which thing to do first or which path to take or by simply taking action now of most any kind, you may just find yourself on the way to where you most needed to go.”
April Bryan

“ماذا أقول؟ رأيت شيئا لا أستطيع أن أصفه.. شيئا قلبي يمتلئ منه رعبا ونفسي تنجذب شوقا إليه.. شيئا أستعذب الموت فرارا منه وأستعذب الموت فرارا إليه.”
على أحمد باكثير

A. Saleh
“To believe or not to believe, is a problem. To leave or to conceive is another problem. To ascertain and to achieve is to solve the problem.”
A. Saleh

Murat Menteş
“Hayatta başarılı olmanın iki yolu olduğu söyleniyor: 1] Şanslı olmak. 2] Hile yapmak. Bense dayanıklı olmayı tercih ederim.”
Murat Menteş, Dublörün Dilemması

“The major dilemma is that we tend to listen to reply, while all we should do is: listen to understand and feel.”
Akilnathan Logeswaran

Sanhita Baruah
“I couldn't find my cup of tea.

So probably, I've been simply taking a sip from everyone else's cup. May be it shouldn't matter as long as there is tea to drink. Or should it?”
Sanhita Baruah

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Some kid asked what a dilemma is. And I replied: When a starving man has to choose between a plate of food, and, a roll of toilet paper.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

H.A. Kotys
“How else can I save myself from hormones on their last hoorah?”
H.A. Kotys, Is This Me

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“You cannot sensibly expect a starving 'God-fearing' man to honor the 8th commandment.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

A.J. Darkholme
“If someone was going to kill someone dear to you, and you could stop that person by killing them instead, would you kill them, knowing it was an effective way to save your loved one?”
A.J. Darkholme, Rise of the Morningstar

“Not too many people know how life could be best used, it is a millennial dilemma, that has troubled souls of men for many, many generations.”
Sunday Adelaja

“Sometimes, all that is required of us is to come to a decision, a decision which would determine our course thereafter, which is sudden, which is made in an instant and not out of introspection. Because the more we happen to brood, the more we burden the mind, with doubt with dilemma, whether to or whether not to.

Sometimes it is this decision that furnishes to be the highlight of our lives, it may cause us to diverge from our paths and lead us to new ones or narrow down our destinations altogether, either way it cherishes significance.”
Chirag Tulsiani

“Ich bin zu unerfahren, um Erfahrungen zu sammeln«, fasse ich mein Dilemma zusammen.”
Isabel Shtar, Froschprinz - Band 1

Haruki Murakami
“Kā tas var būt, ka laikmetā, kad cilvēki būvē stacijas uz Mēness, ogles joprojām iegūst raktvēs, Aomaame nobrīnījās.”
Haruki Murakami

Abigail George
“War and peace. There are blurred lines in the realities of both. A separation anxiety as the paradigm shifts from the air that a sniper wears on his face (real life, entertainment for the masses or the propaganda machine you decide), to the blueprint of an assassination in a driveway (Chris Hani lying in a pool of his own blood). You know that we cannot eat stones but we can burn, butcher, necklace, murder, forcibly remove and displace entire families, races of different faiths in the name of apartheid. Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and Chris Hani instruments of change, war, tolerance or peace. The Romantics got it right before anyone else did. Truth is beauty. The truth is South Africa is not cool anymore.”
Abigail George

Leo Tolstoy
“No matter what he thought about, he always returned to these same questions which he could not solve and yet could not cease to ask himself. It was as if the thread of the chief screw which held his life together were stripped, so that the screw could not get in or out, but went on turning uselessly in the same place. (…) ‘What is bad? What is good? What should one love and what hate? What does one live for? And what am I? What is life, and what is death? What power governs all?’ There was no answer to any of these questions, except one, and that not a logical answer and not at all a reply to them. The answer was: ‘You’ll die and all will end. You’ll die and know all, or cease asking.’ But dying was also dreadful.”
Leo Tolstoy

Neil Gaiman
“Som så ofta när jag var i den åldern undrade jag vem jag var, och vad det egentligen var som tittade på ansiktet i spegeln. Om ansiktet jag tittade på inte var jag, och det visste jag att det inte var eftersom jag förblev mig själv vad som än hände med mitt ansikte, vad var det i så fall som var jag? Och vad var det som tittade?”
Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Alexander McCall Smith
“A moral dilemma is equally absorbing whether the stakes are the destiny of nations or the happiness of one or two people - at the most.”
Alexander McCall Smith, A Conspiracy of Friends

“Our dilemma is clearly not about life and death, it’s about birth and death; life is eternal.”
Joseph Rain

“The answers to our many dilemmas reside within our understanding about who we truly are.”
Joseph Rain

“The dilemma is not whether God exists, where her/his/its kingdoms lie or what is her/his/it name or role in the management of human affairs, but what is the meaning of God and what practical influence can our relationship with the divine exert upon our world, our wellbeing and who we truly are.”
Joseph Rain

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