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William Dalrymple
“Partition was a total catastrophe for Delhi,’ she said. ‘Those who were left behind are in misery. Those who were uprooted are in misery. The Peace of Delhi is gone. Now it is all gone.”
William Dalrymple, City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi

Khushwant Singh
“Once through this ruined city did I pass
I espied a lonely bird on a bough and asked
‘What knowest thou of this wilderness?’
It replied: 'I can sum it up in two words:
‘Alas, Alas!”
Khushwant Singh, Delhi

K. Hari Kumar
“Dying is not a solution.. I want to live with You..!”
K. Hari Kumar, When Strangers meet..

Aravind Adiga
“Just because drivers and cooks in Delhi are reading Murder Weekly, it doesn't mean that they are all about to slit their masters' necks. Of course they’d like to. Of course, a billion servants are secretly fantasizing about strangling their bosses — and that’s why the government of India publishes this magazine and sells it on the streets for just four and a half rupees so that even the poor can buy it. you see, the murdered in the magazine is so mentally disturbed and sexually deranged that not one reader would want to be like him — and in the end he always gets caught by some honest, hardworking police officer (ha!), or goes mad and hangs himself by a bedsheet after writing a sentimental letter to his mother or primary school teacher, or is chased, beaten, buggered, and garroted by the brother of the woman he has done in. So if your driver is busy flicking through the pages of Murder Weekly, relax. No danger to you. Quite the contrary.

It’s when your driver starts to read about Gandhi and the Buddha that it’s time to wet your pants.”
Aravind Adiga, The White Tiger

K. Hari Kumar
“If Allah has willed it that way... He must have better plans for you child...”
K. Hari Kumar, When Strangers meet..

Khushwant Singh
“I am back in my beloved city. The scene of desolation fills my eyes with tears. At every step my distress and agitation increases. I cannot recognize houses or landmarks I once knew well. Of the former inhabitants, there is no trace. Everywhere there is a terrible emptiness. All at once I find myself in the quarter where I once resided. I recall the life I used to live: meeting friends in the evening, reciting poetry, making love, spending sleepless nights pining for beautiful women and writing verses on their long tresses which held me captive. That was life! What is there left of it? Nothing.”
Khushwant Singh, Delhi

Khuswant Singh
“When a man's instincts are evil, repentance has a short lease and brief is his gratitude towards those who have done him good.”
Khuswant Singh

“They grouped into nativities - Bengalis, Biharis, Bandladeshis, South Indians, Northeasterners, Kashmiri Pandits and Punjabis - or sought refuge in professional identities. They were Delhiites because geography and the pursuit of common goals made them so and not because the city offered a unifying identity. Delhi now belonged to everyone who lived in it, but no one belonged to Delhi. The original Delhiites too were missing from public life - they preferred the city of memory.”
Anupreeta Das
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Tahir Shah
“The mere mention of the Farakka Express, which jerks its way eastward each day from Delhi to Calcutta, is enough to throw even a seasoned traveller into fits of apoplexy. At a desert encampment on Namibia's Skeleton Coast, a hard-bitten adventurer had downed a peg of local fire-water then told me the tale. Farakka was a ghost train, he said, haunted by ghouls, Thuggees, and thieves. Only a passenger with a death wish would go anywhere near it.”
Tahir Shah, Sorcerer's Apprentice

Hong  Mei
“Faxian and Xuanzang might have been the first Chinese to travel to India, but sometimes it felt like I was the first.”
Hong Mei

“Delhi. The ruins of an old city, markets, monuments, broken mansions, the zigzag of roads, the still

sad times of music past. And rising up from it, her mother, wind in her hair, laughing like a witch.”
Debotri Dhar, The Courtesans of Karim Street
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K. Hari Kumar
“I can very well understand your frustration, but you must stick to your dreams. Try Harder!”
K. Hari Kumar, When Strangers meet..

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The Cheesy Animation Factory

“Hiring the right employees and managing them once they’re on board can be a challenging process. You want to make sure you choose the candidates who will best fit in your organization, then provide them with everything they need to become successful, happy employees.”

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