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“We need to save the forests. I have a big warehouse we can store them in.”
Bauvard, Some Inspiration for the Overenthusiastic

Ronald Reagan
“Trees, how many of 'em do we need to look at?”
Ronald Reagan

John Fowles
“The evolution of human mentality has put us all in vitro now, behind the glass wall of our own ingenuity.”
John Fowles, The Tree

David James Duncan
“Across the road from my cabin was a huge clear-cut--hundreds of acres of massive spruce stumps interspersed with tiny Douglas firs--products of what they call "Reforestation," which I guess makes the spindly firs en masse a "Reforest," which makes an individual spindly fir a "Refir," which means you could say that Weyerhauser, who owns the joint, has Refir Madness, since they think that sawing down 200-foot-tall spruces and replacing them with puling 2-foot Refirs is no different from farming beans or corn or alfalfa. They even call the towering spires they wipe from the Earth's face forever a "crop"--as if they'd planted the virgin forest! But I'm just a fisherman and may be missing some deeper significance in their nomenclature and stranger treatment of primordial trees.”
David James Duncan, The River Why

“What is acted out on the female body parallels the larger practices of domination, fragmentation, and conquest against the earth body, which is being polluted, strip-mined, deforested, and cut up into parcels of private property. Equally, this pattern points to the fragmentation of the psyche, which ultimately underlies and enables all of this damage.”
Jane Caputi

“The extent of forests around the world has declined by an estimated 16.4 million km2 (36% of the historical extent) over the last 200 years (Meiyappan & Jain, 2012).”

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