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Albert Einstein
“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
Albert Einstein

Holly Black
“Once someone's hurt you, it's harder to relax around them, harder to think of them as safe to love. But it doesn't stop you from wanting them.”
Holly Black, White Cat

Maggie Stiefvater
“If I were a tree, I would have no reason to love a human.”
Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven Boys

Michelle Williams
“I want to be like water. I want to slip through fingers, but hold up a ship.”
Michelle Williams

Criss Jami
“When a poet digs himself into a hole, he doesn't climb out. He digs deeper, enjoys the scenery, and comes out the other side enlightened.”
Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

Gianna Perada
“Some things scratch the surface while others strike at your soul.”
Gianna Perada

Ghazi Abdul Rahman Algosaibi
“سنوات المراهقه في حياة كل انسان (وانسانه) هي سنوات ضائعه لا معنى لها مسروقة من الطفولة والرجولة معا.”
Ghazi Abdul Rahman Algosaibi, ألزهايمر

Aishah Madadiy
“I just dont know how...to think less. If you know how, then teach me...”
Aishah Madadiy, Velvet di Durham

Sarah Rees Brennan
“Being able to depend on someone doesn't mean you're dependent on them.”
Sarah Rees Brennan, Untold

Douglas Adams
“Very deep. You should send that in to the Reader's Digest. They've got a page for people like you.”
Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Jack Handey
“If you're in a war, instead of throwing a hand grenade at the enemy, throw one of those small pumpkins. Maybe it'll make everyone think how stupid war is, and while they are thinking, you can throw a real grenade at them.”
Jack Handey

Marie Symeou
“We do not create life, we create death.”
Marie Symeou

Alex Shakar
“She avoids deep thought like an empty restaurant, not out of stupidity, but a canny resolve to be happy.”
Alex Shakar, Luminarium

Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir
“Can a person who has been brought up in the heart of a thick dark forest, where one has to beat a path through multiple layers of trees just to take a letter to the post office, have any conception of what it’s like to spend one’s entire childhood waiting for a single tree to grow?”
Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir, The Greenhouse

Dennis Sharpe
“Like almost every truly horrible thing that has ever happened in the history of our world, the end also began with a kiss.”
Dennis Sharpe, Destroyer of Worlds

Shubham Choudhary
“How is your book doing?" or "How many copies have you sold?" are the questions for a salesman. To a writer, you better ask "What did you write today?".”
Shubham Choudhary

Lauren Oliver
“You can’t go home again” ─ isn’t necessarily that places change but people do.”
Lauren Oliver, Before I Fall

Dean Koontz
“Lies hurt people; imagination makes life more fun.”
Dean Koontz, Relentless

Jack Handey
“It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.”
Jack Handey

Rachel  Thompson
“She wondered If I had woken up, would I have smelled his sadness, his desperation, and his detachment?

His death, her breath.

He told her once, she remembers, these two words have no other rhyme but each other.

If she could go back, she thinks --

She would open her eyes, instead of her heart.”
Rachel Thompson, Broken Pieces

Ann Brashares
“I allowed myself to suffer how jarringly destructive the present feels and how fragile the past.”
Ann Brashares, My Name Is Memory

William Carlos Williams
“My surface is myself.
Under which
to witness, youth is
buried. Roots?
Everybody has roots.”
William Carlos Williams

“Could I have been anyone other than me?”
dave matthews

Markus Zusak
“She was one if the few souls that made me wonder what's it to live.”
Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

“Werewolves never joke about age,” he said solemnly.

“Why not?”

Connor shrugged, a smile teasing his lips. “I dunno,” he finally admitted. “I just thought it sounded good.”
Rose Wynters, My Wolf Cowboy

“His walk and stare. Was as poisonous as the air after a nuclear bomb.”
sequence kye kenneth young

“I don't really wanna know what makes you leave, or when you'll be back.
I just wanna know what will make me cry at your arrival.”
Ade Santi

Emily Dickinson
“Piangere è una piccola cosa -
cosa tanto breve un sospiro.
Ma cose di tale grandezza
uccidono uomini e donne.”
Emily Dickinson, The Complete Poems

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