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Skye Daphne
“Everyone I say stop bullying it is sad and tears someones heart apart and next thing they do is Suicide because they think that is the right next step!
If you are a Person who gets bullied find someone who will stop this! Don't just kill yourself for the other person to be happy because you are gone! They are just jealous of you and want to start problems and make you a troublemaker! Ignore those mean cruel evil people in you life and spend time with the nice caring sweet loving angels of yours! :D
Because bullying is a dumb and stupid waste of time!
Try to shake it off the mean hurtful stuff and keep on doing the right stuff that is going to help you become a better person and when i say a better person i mean more than a better person!

~Skye Daphne~”
Skye Daphne, The Witch who was a princess

Nenia Campbell
“I was cyber-bullied before all those Myspace-related suicides, so my school principal wasn't really impressed when my mom complained about what was happening to me on my Xanga blog and on AIM chat.

“Get your life sorted out, you fucking scitzo [sic] dyke tranny bitch,” one comment might say.

Another comment would say something like, “I know she's reading this, she's so pathetic.”

And, perhaps most frightening of all: “I'm going to fuck you up until your mother bleeds.”
Nenia Campbell, Freaky Freshman: A Memoir of Bullying and Social Anxiety

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