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Amit Kalantri
“Nothing consoles and comforts like certainty does.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Ryan Lilly
“Capitalize on charm by continually captivating your customer.”
Ryan Lilly

“Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement”
G.S. Alag

David J. Greer
“A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.”
David J. Greer, Wind In Your Sails

“The ‘Regal Seven (key) Ingredients of a Successful Company’ is:

Pursue the goal of Profit Maximization keeping in mind the shareholders interests.
To be achieved by developing and rendering Quality Goods and Services at a Reasonable Price.
By inculcating Value and Ethics within the structure
Through Sound People Management principles devised and effectively implemented.
Further organizing Learning Programs and instill concept of ‘Learning and Earning’
Develop/Construct Customer Satisfaction.
Build-Build-Build ; Build vision based values, Build your staff, Build customer satisfaction ; and witness your organization being built in the market.”
Henrietta Newton Martin

“Our customers are not our competitors. We compete for them, not with them.”
T Jay Taylor

“Customer Satisfaction mulai menjadi pondasi sebagian besar perusahaan untuk mempertahankan loyalitas pelanggan ditengah persaingan perusahaan. Perusahaan yang berhasil mengedepankan Customer Satisfaction adalah Amazon.com.”
Petrus Hepi

“The customers perception is your reality. What they think about your products , MATTER. If you dont put your customers perception first, THE GAME IS OVER.”
Sharfaraz Ahmed

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