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Ann Brashares
“She'd cried over a broken heart before. She knew what that felt like, and it didn't feel like this. Her heart felt not so much broken as just ... empty. It felt like she was an outline empty in the middle. The outline cried senselessly for the absent middle. The past cried for the present that was nothing.”
Ann Brashares, Sisterhood Everlasting

James Dashner
“I hated the place, Tommy. I hated every second of every day. And it was all … your … fault!”
James Dashner, The Death Cure

Paige Harbison
“There was no up, there was no down. There was a steady, nauseated life five minutes ago, but nothing five minutes from now. And then, very suddenly, there was no 'now.”
Paige Harbison, New Girl

Ann Brashares
“Bridget cried for the leavers and the left. For the people, like herself, grimly forsaking what few precious gifts they would ever get. She cried for Bailey, for Tibby, for the resolute clump of cells making headway in her uterus, and for Marly, her poor, sad mother, who'd missed everything.”
Ann Brashares, Sisterhood Everlasting

Darnell Lamont Walker
“adulthood is depressing. for me at least. i cried at the death of every illusion harder than i cried at the death of friends.”
Darnell Lamont Walker

“Mirad had asked for peace for his birthday.
Imagine, a boy of thirteen who asks for peace as a birthday present.
When I heard that I cried.”
Ad De Bont, Mirad, A Boy From Bosnia

Steven Herrick
“Emma says after I was born I cried for days. She said I'd never shut up which is funny really because Dad says I never shut up now so maybe that's what happens, you get born and act the same your whole life.”
Steven Herrick, A Place Like This

“I have cried out and poured my heart and soul to you. You didnt listen and you didnt care. So I had to live with that. So now I live knowing you dont listen and dont care. So now you have to live with that”
De philosopher Dj Kyos

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