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Betty MacDonald
“There’s nothing as cozy as a piece of candy and a book.”
Betty MacDonald, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic

Charlaine Harris
“I have lived one step away from losing my mind for years. I am quick and accurate in spotting unstable streaks in others.”
Charlaine Harris, Shakespeare's Landlord

Holly Goldberg Sloan
“From my observation, the older you get, the more you like the word cozy.
That's why most of the elderly wear pants with elastic waistbands. If they wear pants at all. This may explain why grandparents are in love with buying grand kids pajamas and bathrobes.”
Holly Goldberg Sloan, Counting by 7s

Mike Bove
“The good characters in my book are loosely based on folks I know. All the bad stuff is made up.”
Mike Bove, Willowtree A Bruce DelReno Mystery

Ed Lynskey
“You love to figure out things as much as I do,” Piper said.
“Like what?” Bill asked.
“You fix broken stuff,” Piper replied.
“Repairing a broken toaster or steam iron is far different than unraveling a murder mystery," Bill said.”
Ed Lynskey, The Corpse Wore Gingham

Rebecca Wolf-Nail
“You know, when the list of people who have a really good reason to want you dead covers more than two sheets of paper, you might want to start rethinking your life choices.”
Rebecca Wolf-Nail, Murder at the Arabian Nights: A Belly Dance Mystery

Jean Harrington
“Just because the restaurant had Dynamite Shrimp on the menu, was that any reason for the place to blow up? (re April 15 release, Killer Kitchens”
Jean Harrington

K.B. Inglee
“If you’ve got a cozy mystery, and a dog is introduced, readers’ first question is, ‘Does the dog die?’ They never ask about a cat. They know that the first rule of cozies is: The Cat Never Dies.” – K.B. Inglee, mystery writer”
K.B. Inglee

Maya Corrigan
“She’d have to treat the interview more like risotto than instant rice, adding ingredients gradually while stirring gently.”
Maya Corrigan, By Cook or by Crook

Beate Boeker
“Maybe he would not run away after all, even if exposed to all her family's idiosyncrasies. [Carlina's biggest fear about Stefano]”
Beate Boeker, Banker's Death: Temptation in Florence #3

Celia Conrad
“I spent most summers in Italy as a child either in Tuscany or at the Amalfi coast.”
Celia Conrad, Murder in Hand

Maria Grazia Swan
“Mom, you know what? I just realized you have a knack for making people disappear. [Lella's son catches on!]”
Maria Grazia Swan, Death Under the Venice Moon

Gwenn Wright
“And you were always nothing but slime, Henry Wallace. Fancy trash”
Gwenn Wright, Midnight Under the Magnolia: Episode One

Maria Hudgins
“The historian in me love to uncover things, and the mother in me hates to be lied to...[Why Dotsy investigates murder]”
Maria Hudgins, Death Of An Obnoxious Tourist

Maria Hudgins
“The years pass so quickly now that I can't keep my mental image of myself up to date. [Mature Dotsy deals with her age]”
Maria Hudgins, Death Of An Obnoxious Tourist

Suzanne Palmieri
“Father and Ivy used to go off on their excursions, never knowing that I was relieved when they were gone. That I'd wear my nightgowns all day and read from dawn till dusk.”
Suzanne Palmieri, Empire Girls

Beate Boeker
“Carlina felt as if sudden sunshine had filled the kitchen... [Carlina's reaction to Stefano Garini]”
Beate Boeker, Banker's Death: Temptation in Florence #3

Mary Anne Edwards
“Ah, now my pet, you’ll be callin’ me, Ma. Me gynecologist calls me Mrs. McClung,” Charlie’s mother instructed a blushing Marian. From "A Good Girl”
Mary Anne Edwards, A Good Girl: A Charlie McClung Mystery (The Charlie McClung Mysteries)

Gwenn Wright
“Don’t you believe any man who makes you feel like you were just a one-time thing.” His arms tighten around me and his words tickle my ear, “You could never be any man’s forgettable moment.” He holds me away from him and I feel ridiculously like I could melt in the dark pools of his eyes. “You are a force to be remembered, Dacie Mae.”
Gwenn Wright, Midnight Under the Magnolia: Episode One

Ed Lynskey
“Petey Samson gave the ladies an over-the-shoulder glance. He realized no doggie treat was forthcoming, even from Isabel who was usually the soft mark to hit up. He scratched his front claws to re-attack the sand.”
Ed Lynskey, The Ladybug Song

Ed Lynskey
“Sheriff Fox was running his fingers through his thin hair. In a few short years, he’d look bald as a peeled apple. The Snoop sisters and their sidekick, the town’s bag lady no less, had traipsed into his office without knocking first. His admin (he couldn’t remember their names to save his life) had ushered them in, and they’d just dumped this hot potato into his lap.”
Ed Lynskey, The Ladybug Song

“Julie went to her hotel room window to check that the Campo, the central square of Siena, Italy, was still out there.”
Candida Martinelli, Extra Virgin Pressing Murder

G.M. Malliet
“Oh please tell me we're not doing the Poirot thing again — the suspects in the library with the candlestick or whatever'.

Max looked at him [DCI Cotton]. 'Fruitcake in this case. And what would you prefer? A car chase? It’s the most efficient way to flush out a killer, as Dame Agatha Christie well knew.”
G.M. Malliet, A Demon Summer: A Max Tudor Mystery

“You keep stumbling over bodies like this and I'm gonna start wondering, you know? (Lucille's local police detective)”
Peg Cochran, Hit and Nun

Maria Grazia Swan
“Lella York, the self-proclaimed queen of passive-aggressive behavior. [Lella's perceptive view of herself]”
Maria Grazia Swan, Death Under the Venice Moon

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