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Jess C. Scott
“If money’s the god people worship, I’d rather go worship the devil instead.”
Jess C. Scott, Rockstar

“If you want to make a difference in someone's life, you don't need to be gorgeous, rich, famous, brilliant or perfect. you just have to care.”
Karen Salmansohn

Julie Connor
“Your goals and the tasks you choose to accomplish your goals either align with dream and core values or they don’t. It’s that simple.”
Julie Connor, Dreams to Action Trailblazer's Guide

Nikki Rowe
“My body's been touched a thousand or more times but I am craving something so much deeper than that ~ I desire to be felt, right down to the core of my soul and the corners of my heart. That's what love is about isn't it ~ cracking yourself open to the possibility that it could change your life.”
Nikki Rowe

“Blaming people in our circumstance is nothing, other than the lack of our individual core values.”
Gladys Adevey

“True leaders don't look at just the outward appearances in the selection of team members, they look at one's core values and heart.”
Farshad Asl

“Core values serve as a lighthouse when the fog of life seems to leave you wandering in circles; when you encounter that moment where every decision is a tough one and no choice seems to clearly be the better choice.”
J. Loren Norris

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