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Arthur Conan Doyle
“Watson. Come at once if convenient. If inconvenient, come all the same.”
Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of the Creeping Man

Ralph Waldo Emerson
“He in whom the love of repose predominates will accept the first creed, the first philosophy, the first political party he meets — most likely his father's. He gets rest, commodity, and reputation; but he shuts the door of truth.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Criss Jami
“It is the philosophers, theologians, and evangelists who are said to be filled with pride and bigotry due to the strong convictions that they represent. On the contrary, teachings can be either taken or dismissed; whereas voting is the only thing the average person can do to force everyone to live how they would prefer. A simple vote is among the largest yet most acceptable forms of bigotry, and that is because people play the card only when they feel that in doing so it conveniences themselves.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Patrice Kindl
“Let us agree that we are marrying so we can go on quarreling in the greatest comfort and convenience.

Oh, please, Althea, look at me. Do say yes.”
Patrice Kindl, Keeping the Castle

E.B. White
“By comparison with other less hectic days, the city is uncomfortable and inconvenient; but New Yorkers temperamentally do not crave comfort and convenience- if they did they would live elsewhere.”
E.B. White, Here Is New York

Robert Staughton Lynd
“The telephone is the greatest nuisance among conveniences, the greatest convenience among nuisances.”
Robert Staughton Lynd

Ray Bradbury
“Seemed to me a phone was an impersonal instrument. If it felt like it, it let your personality go through its wires. If it didn't want to, it just drained your personality away until what slipped through at the other end was some cold fish of a voice, all steel, copper, plastic, no warmth, no reality. It's easy to say the wrong thing on telephones; the telephone changes your meaning on you. First thing you know, you've made an enemy. Then, of course, the telephone's such a convenient thing; it just sits there and demands you call someone who doesn't want to be called. Friends were always calling, calling, calling me. Hell, I hadn't any time of my own.”
Ray Bradbury, Twice 22: The Golden Apples of the Sun / A Medicine for Melancholy

Victoria Moran
“I firmly believe that everyone deserves to live within walking distance of either beauty or convenience, if not both. (48)”
Victoria Moran, Lit From Within: Tending Your Soul For Lifelong Beauty

Kage Baker
“A lengthy and painful discussion followed. It lasted through tea and dinner. It was revealed to Lady Beatrice that, though she had been sincerely mourned when Mamma had been under the impression she was dead, her unexpected return to life was something more than inconvenient. Had she never considered the disgrace she would inflict upon her family by returning, after all that had happened to her? What were all Aunt Harriet's neighbors to think?”
Kage Baker, The Women of Nell Gwynne's

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“A phone call should be a convenience to the caller, not an inconvenience to the called.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Criss Jami
“Advanced technology does not always promise a more intelligent civilization. On the contrary, the more the common people rely on technology to do their thinking and solving for them, the less practice there is left for their own brains.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Charles Yu
“Things go backward.

And then, one day, whatever it is we had, it’s gone. It won’t come back. We both know it.

Whatever it is she let me have, she has taken it away. Whatever it is when two people agree to briefly occupy the same space, agree to allow their lives to overlap in some small area, some temporary region of the world, a region they create through love or convenience, or for us, something even more meager, whatever that was, it has collapsed, it has closed. She has closed herself to me.”
Charles Yu, Sorry Please Thank You: Stories

Thomas Henry Huxley
“The most obvious and the most distinctive features of the History of Civilisation, during the last fifty years, is the wonderful increase of industrial production by the application of machinery, the improvement of old technical processes and the invention of new ones, accompanied by an even more remarkable development of old and new means of locomotion and intercommunication. By this rapid and vast multiplication of the commodities and conveniences of existence, the general standard of comfort has been raised, the ravages of pestilence and famine have been checked, and the natural obstacles, which time and space offer to mutual intercourse, have been reduced in a manner, and to an extent, unknown to former ages. The diminution or removal of local ignorance and prejudice, the creation of common interests among the most widely separated peoples, and the strengthening of the forces of the organisation of the commonwealth against those of political or social anarchy, thus effected, have exerted an influence on the present and future fortunes of mankind the full significance of which may be divined, but cannot, as yet, be estimated at its full value.”
Thomas Henry Huxley, The Advance of Science in the Last Half-Century

William Godwin
“It has an unhappy effect upon the human understanding and temper, for a man to be compelled in his gravest investigation of an argument, to consider, not what is true, but what is convenient.”
William Godwin, Life of Geoffrey Chaucer; The Early English Poet: Including Memoirs of His Near Friend and Kinsman, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster: With Sketches of the Manners, Opinions, Arts and Literature of England in the Fourteenth Century Volume 1

Shannon A. Thompson
“I wasn’t in the mood for a fight, but fights weren’t always conveniently scheduled. (Jessica)”
Shannon A. Thompson, Minutes Before Sunset

Daven Anderson
“I hate it when I go into a Snack Shack and they're out of Blue Ice. The other slushie flavors taste like cheap candy.”
Daven Anderson

“So you're a fellow mercenary, then.

Does this mean you'll afford me some professional courtesy?

Don't ask for that. All it means is that you might get to face the person who kills you. . . But only if it's convenient.
-Elf, Glamour Assault Host, & Doctor Bunnigus”
Howard Tayler, Emperor Pius Dei

“If a good system of agriculture, unrivaled manufacturing skill, a capacity to produce whatever can contribute to either convenience or luxury, schools established in every village for teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, the general practice of hospitality and charity amongst each other, and above all, a treatment of the female sex full of confidence, respect, and delicacy, are among the signs which denote a civilized people – then the Hindus are not inferior to the nations of Europe, and if civilization is to become an article of trade between England and India, I am convinced that England will gain by the import cargo.”
Thomas Munro

“One is almost tempted to say... at last I can almost see a bond. But that will never be, for a bond does not really exist at all: it is a most convenient fiction which, as we have seen, is convenient both to experimental and theoretical chemists.”
Charles Coulson

Michael Bassey Johnson
“The most potent recreational activity is when we sit back and exercise our minds with great and exciting books.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

“Subtle difference between a hero and an opportunist is not where you stand but its timing. Standing up against injustice when it suits is convenience not heroism”
Faisal Khosa

David David Katzman
“...a mini-hearse. It had the practicality of a mini-van and the handy carrying capacity of a hearse combined. If you get annoyed with your kids at soccer practice, you can always kill them on the way home and take them directly to the cemetery.”
David David Katzman, Death by Zamboni

“A sacrifice is not convenient. If it is something we can easily do, then it is not a sacrifice.”
Bidemi Mark-Mordi

Lara Adrian
“Nature doesn't give a damn for convenience, and never has.”
Lara Adrian, Deeper Than Midnight

Israelmore Ayivor
“The state of convenience lies in the hands of proper planning. When you know this, you will become a good planner; and when you become a good planner, you save your life from stress!”
Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Watchwords

Danielle Valenilla
“We do not believe in murder! We believe in convenience in our careers, in our cuisine, in our kills, and in our definitions.”
Danielle Valenilla, Fun Dip & Other Misfortunes

“Morality is a subject to meddle in the affairs of other persons, guided by our preferences and convenience.”
Aditya Ajmera

“Some people are looking for love for the night, or the week or whatever is convenient, while others are looking for someone to grow old with.

... I'm looking for someone to grow old with.”
Brenda Priddy

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