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Haruki Murakami
“Unfortunately, the clock is ticking, the hours are going by. The past increases, the future recedes. Possibilities decreasing, regrets mounting.”
Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance

Jarod Kintz
“When the clock reads 3:00, I don’t call it three o’clock, I call it three hundred, and I remember the Spartans. At 3:01, however, I remember what I was doing at 2:59, and I get back to it.
Jarod Kintz, The Titanic would never have sunk if it were made out of a sink.

Jarod Kintz
“I had a dream about you. You introduced me to a clock, and I’m right handed, so I didn’t know which clock hand to shake, the hour or the minute. So I chose instead to go in for a hug. Big mistake. Time does not like to be embraced by a mere mortal.
Jarod Kintz, We Had A #Dream About You

Emilie Autumn
“Why should I wake when I'm half past dead?”
Emilie Autumn

Jarod Kintz
“I asked if she wanted kids. She said her clock is ticking. I said, That’s because I set it five minutes ahead when you weren’t looking.”
Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

“Her eyes were of different colors, the left as brown as autumn, the right as gray as Atlantic wind. Both seemed alive with questions that would never be voiced, as if no words yet existed with which to frame them. She was nineteen years old, or thereabouts; her exact age was unknown. Her face was as fresh as an apple and as delicate as blossom, but a marked depression in the bones beneath her left eye gave her features a disturbing asymmetry. Her mouth never curved into a smile. God, it seemed, had withheld that possibility, as surely as from a blind man the power of sight. He had withheld much else. Amparo was touched—by genius, by madness, by the Devil, or by a conspiracy of all these and more. She took no sacraments and appeared incapable of prayer. She had a horror of clocks and mirrors. By her own account she spoke with Angels and could hear the thoughts of animals and trees. She was passionately kind to all living things. She was a beam of starlight trapped in flesh and awaiting only the moment when it would continue on its journey into forever.” (p.33)”
Tim Willocks, The Religion

Serj Tankian
“Day is just a collection of hours.”
Serj Tankian

Sadie Jones
“There was a sudden stillness like the gap between ticks on a clock, but the next tick never coming.”
Sadie Jones, The Outcast

Anthony Kiedis
“I was like a clock that had exploded- my springs were hanging out, my hands were cockeyed, and my numbers were falling off.”
Anthony Kiedis, Scar Tissue

William Shakespeare
“When I do count the clock that tells the time,
And see the brave day sunk in hideous night;
When I behold the violet past prime,
And sable curls all silver'd o'er with white;
When lofty trees I see barren of leaves
Which erst from heat did canopy the herd,
And summer's green all girded up in sheaves
Borne on the bier with white and bristly beard,
Then of thy beauty do I question make,
That thou among the wastes of time must go,
Since sweets and beauties do themselves forsake
And die as fast as they see others grow;
And nothing 'gainst Time's scythe can make defence
Save breed, to brave him when he takes thee hence.”
William Shakespeare, Shakespeare's Sonnets

Jarod Kintz
“I make my living as a farmer. I milk the clock at work. And I make love like a dentist. Oh yes, I am that erotic.”
Jarod Kintz, Love quotes for the ages. Specifically ages 18-81.

John Fowles
“Time in itself, absolutely, does not exist; it is always relative to some observer or some object. Without a clock I say 'I do not know the time' . Without matter time itself is unknowable. Time is a function of matter; and matter therefore is the clock that makes infinity real.”
John Fowles, Áristos
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“Hit the "snooze" button on the Israel-Palestine situation enough times, and eventually the clock becomes a time-bomb.”
Shira Tamir

Ray Bradbury
“Montag shook his head. He looked at a blank wall. The girl's face was there, really quite beautiful in memory: astonishing, in fact. She had a very thin face like the dial of a small clock seen faintly in a dark room in the middle of a night when you waken to see the time and see the clock telling you the hour and the minute and the second, with a white silence and a glowing, all certainty and knowing what it had to tell of the night passing swiftly on toward further darknesses, but moving also toward a new sun.”
Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

Ryan Lilly
“I had a dream about you painting the scene of a house fire. The clocks were melting and Salvador Dali was riding around in a clown car muttering something about irony.”
Ryan Lilly, We Had A #Dream About You

“Every Single Number on the Clock knows all my Secrets.”
Mian Adeel Mushtaq

“You know the horrible life of the alarm clock – it’s a monster that has always appalled me because of the number of things its eyes project, and the way that good fellow stares at me when I enter a room.”
Jacques Vaché
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“A story conducted by the time of a clock and calendars alone would be a story not of human beings but of mechanical toys.”
Mary Lascelles, Jane Austen And Her Art

Jarod Kintz
“I won’t allow anyone to buy you a clock. Not on my watch.”
Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

Jarod Kintz
“A clock is a pie, and my piece is between 1 and 12. It’s always time to love—especially if it’s filled with cinnamon apples.”
Jarod Kintz, Xazaqazax

“We progress a step farther, in each tick of the clock”
Ronnie Cornelisz

Jarod Kintz
“Drop by and knock on my bedroom window. My room is on the 13th floor. 1-12 are numbers on a clock, and I won’t wait forever.”
Jarod Kintz, Sleepwalking is restercise

Joseph Bathanti
“The clock sweats out each minute
of what meat is left to us.”
Joseph Bathanti, This Metal

“Breakfast was an irritable business. The clock, on the wall, MapHead noticed, seemed to make everyone unhappy. Everyone checked the clock on the wall, then rushed around looking grim. It would be a simple matter to fix it, MapHead thought. No reason not to be happy.”
Lesley Howarth, MapHead: No.2

Diana Gabaldon
“...knowing what o'clock it is gives ye the illusion that ye have some control over your circumstances.”
Diana Gabaldon, Written in My Own Heart's Blood

Kelli Russell Agodon
“the moon is just another kind of clock”
Kelli Russell Agodon, Hourglass Museum

John Derbyshire
“Mathematicians call it “the arithmetic of congruences.” You can think of it as clock arithmetic. Temporarily replace the 12 on a clock face with 0. The 12 hours of the clock now read 0, 1, 2, 3, … up to 11. If the time is eight o’clock, and you add 9 hours, what do you get? Well, you get five o’clock. So in this arithmetic, 8 + 9 = 5; or, as mathematicians say, 8 + 9 ≡ 5 (mod 12), pronounced “eight plus nine is congruent to five, modulo twelve.”
John Derbyshire, Prime Obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics

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