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C. JoyBell C.
“You've got this life and while you've got it, you'd better kiss like you only have one moment, try to hold someone's hand like you will never get another chance to, look into people's eyes like they're the last you'll ever see, watch someone sleeping like there's no time left, jump if you feel like jumping, run if you feel like running, play music in your head when there is none, and eat cake like it's the only one left in the world!”
C. JoyBell C.

Janet Evanovich
“Romance novels are birthday cake and life is often peanut butter and jelly. I think everyone should have lots of delicious romance novels lying around for those times when the peanut butter of life gets stuck to the roof of your mouth.”
Janet Evanovich

“Let's just say you may regret that second piece of cake.'
Oh my God. Regret cake? Whatever was about to happen must be truly evil.”
Rachel Hawkins, Hex Hall

James Patterson
“SITTING TIGHT? Holing up? Waiting for answers?
Those are things I'm not good at.
Planning a massive attack against mechanical geeky-like things when i was already furious and itching to kill something?
Piece o'cake”
James Patterson, Max

J.K. Rowling
“Oh, it can't be a reference to the fact Harry's a great Seeker, that's way too obvious. There must be a secret message from Dumbledore hidden in the icing!”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
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Maureen Johnson
“Debbie had to get up and slice me a thick piece of cake before she could answer. And I do mean thick. Harry Potter volume seven thick. I could have knocked out a burglar with this piece of cake. Once I tasted it, though, it seemed just the right size.”
Maureen Johnson, Let It Snow
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Veronica Roth
“What do you think they're going to do to us when they find us guilty?" she says after a few minutes of silence have passed.
"Does now seem like the time for honesty?"
I look at her from the corner of my eye. "I think they're going to force us to eat lots of cake and then take an unreasonably long nap.”
Veronica Roth, Insurgent

Janet Evanovich
“Here's a basic difference between Morelli and me. My first thought was always of cake. His first thought was always of sex. Don't get me wrong. I like sex . . . a lot. But it's never going to replace cake.”
Janet Evanovich, Eleven on Top

C. JoyBell C.
“Love is like a good cake; you never know when it's coming, but you'd better eat it when it does!”
C. JoyBell C.

Neil Gaiman
“I saw the world I had walked since my birth and I understood how fragile it was, that the reality was a thin layer of icing on a great dark birthday cake writhing with grubs and nightmares and hunger.”
Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Jarod Kintz
“It doesn’t take a hurricane to blow out a birthday candle. Let this be a lesson in love—and cake etiquette.”
Jarod Kintz, Love quotes for the ages. Specifically ages 18-81.

Erin Morgenstern
“I tried to explain as much as I could," Poppet says. "I think I made an analogy about cake."
"Well, that must have worked," Widget says. "Who doesn't like a good cake analogy?”
Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus

Emma Donoghue
“If I was made of cake I'd eat myself before somebody else could.”
Emma Donoghue, Room

Suzanne Collins
“You never know. Say the arena's actually a giant cake-"
"Say we move on," I broke in.”
Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

C. JoyBell C.
“Cake is happiness! If you know the way of the cake, you know the way of happiness! If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy!”
C. JoyBell C.

Laini Taylor
“Cake for later, cake as a way of life.”
Laini Taylor, Dreams of Gods & Monsters

Jarod Kintz
“The event happened on my birthday. I don’t remember the date, I only know it was my birthday because there was no cake or presents.”
Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title

Derek Landy
“But I'm really enjoying my retirement. I get to sleep in every day. I do crossword puzzles and eat cake.”
Derek Landy, Mortal Coil

C. JoyBell C.
“To buy a cake... to howl at the moon... to know true happiness... I am happy.”
C. JoyBell C.

Alexander McCall Smith
“Mma Ramotswe sighed. 'We are all tempted, Mma. We are all tempted when it comes to cake.'

That is true,' said Mma Potokwane sadly. 'There are many temptations in this life, but cake is probably one of the biggest of them.”
Alexander McCall Smith, In the Company of Cheerful Ladies

Marie Antoinette
“But how will I eat cake if my head is over there, and my hands are over here?”
Marie Antoinette

C. JoyBell C.
“If you wait for a cake to be given to you so you will be happy- then you will be happy when someone gives you a cake. But if you buy a cake (or bake one) for yourself so you will be happy, you have found the way of happiness.”
C. JoyBell C.

Jarod Kintz
“I wouldn’t want the guests at my birthday party confusing my celebration with the Oscars. That’s why I’m having the awards ceremony after we eat cake and I open my presents.
Jarod Kintz, This Book Title is Invisible

Sloane Crosley
“I got out on the street and started crying the kind of hysterical tears made justifiable only by turning off one’s cell phone, putting it to the ear, and pretending to be told of a death in the family.”
Sloane Crosley

Marian Keyes
“I suppose I wanted to have my cake and eat it.
But then again, what were you going to do with your cake if not eat it?
Frame it?
Use it as a sachet in your underwear drawer?”
Marian Keyes, Watermelon

Timothy B. Tyson
“It baffles me that people think that obliterating the past will save them from its consequences, as if throwing away the empty cake plate would help you lose weight.”
Timothy B. Tyson, Blood Done Sign My Name: A True Story

Jarod Kintz
“A cake for all is not a celebration of one. Cupcakes are the ultimate birthday cake.”
Jarod Kintz, A Zebra is the Piano of the Animal Kingdom

Jarod Kintz
“Out of love I made you a cake. Also out of milk, eggs, flour, sugar, and vanilla.”
Jarod Kintz, The Days of Yay are Here! Wake Me Up When They're Over.

Loretta Ellsworth
“That cake tasted good. But the cake in the garbage tasted better. It was the best cake I ever ate.”
Loretta Ellsworth, In a Heartbeat

Peter H. Fogtdal
“I'm going to die. And as if that weren't bad enough, I'm going to die inside a cake.”
Peter H. Fogtdal, The Tsar's Dwarf

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