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Laurell K. Hamilton
“When crime busting is easier than your personal life, something has gone seriously wrong.”
Laurell K. Hamilton, Bullet

Anthony Doerr
“War is a bazaar where lives are traded like any other commodity: chocolate or bullets or parachute silk.”
Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See

Laurell K. Hamilton
“Pretend I asked, now answer the question...”
Laurell K. Hamilton

Clementine von Radics
“Be merciful until you can't be.
Until you feel your heart begin to harden into a bullet.

Then use that bullet.”
Clementine von Radics, Mouthful of Forevers

John Brunner
“to travel faster than a speeding bullet is not much help if you and it are heading straight towards each other”
John Brunner, The Infinitive of Go

Kamand Kojouri
“You think that you've moved on.
That you’re happier
and now that you think about it —
you're quite glad
that it didn’t work out
because you are free
and happy.
You're so happy.
And it’s better this way.
let me tell you my reasons,"
you say. "Let me explain
what I mean."
After hours of telling
your neighbour and
the florist
and the girl on the bus,
you conclude:
"So, you see? I’m happier now.”
You tell the brokenhearted
your tale
and assure them
it's for the best,
“So you see? It was meant to be.”
But my dear,
my foolish
hurting dear,
your ego is the bullet
left in the wound.
It’s this ego
that needs to explain itself
and justify the battle.
A true warrior
would be too busy
fighting to live.”
Kamand Kojouri

“A bullet is naught but a glorified pebble.”
Jason Heller, Taft 2012

Kameron Hurley
“Nobody really knows what I am,” Nyx said. “Not until I put a bullet in their head.”
Kameron Hurley, Rapture

“You're like a bullet that pierced my flesh, my heart and my soul. Pero sa lahat ng tinamaan ng bala, ako na ata ang pinakamasaya.”
MsButterfly, His Secret Agent Pretend Wife

Benedict Jacka
“The noise makes your heart jump, but hearing a sniper bullet is a good thing. The bullet outruns the sound wave; if it’s on target, it kills you before you ever hear the sound of the shot.”
Benedict Jacka, Cursed

“Why would that woman shoot me? We had dinner reservations later!”
Günter Vogler

J.D.  Jordan
“No. Some you put to the bullet. Some to the tongue. Reckon we’ll have to see, yet, which way this is going to turn.”
J.D. Jordan, Calamity: Being an Account of Calamity Jane and Her Gunslinging Green Man

“Ever seen a bullet-smashed windscreen?
The hole at the center becomes an eye. You see less through it but you gain focus, sharpness. That's how it is -- our wounds become our eyes. Seeing outside becomes seeing inside.
Bilal Tanweer, The Scatter Here Is Too Great

Ashwin Sanghi
“Thrills are much more about anticipation than action. An unfired bullet is more dangerous than one that has already met its target.”
Ashwin Sanghi

Enock Maregesi
“Ndani ya kibweta cha risasi kuna vitu vitano vyenye uwezo wa kulipuka kama vile risasi, kasha, baruti, kitako na fataki. Risasi hutumika kama kombora – kitu kinachoweza kusafiri hewani na kulipuka baada au kabla ya kugonga shabaha – wakati kasha kazi yake ni kuhifadhi vitu vyote vya kibweta kwa pamoja kusudi visisambae. Baruti inayotoa au isiyotoa moshi ni poda yenye uwezo wa kulipuka ambayo ndani yake kuna mkaa, salfa na shura; ambayo husukuma kombora mbele kwa nguvu kubwa baada ya fataki kulipuka kupitia katika kitako cha kibweta. Kitako cha kibweta hutumika kama kiziduo cha risasi kutoka katika chemba ya silaha, wakati fataki kazi yake ni kuwashia baruti.”
Enock Maregesi

Emily St. John Mandel
“He placed a pinch of snow on his tongue and thought of making snow ice cream with Frank and their mother when they were small boys - 'First you stir in the vanilla' - Frank standing on a stool on his wondrously functional pre-Libya legs, the bullet that would sever his spinal cord still twenty-five years away but already approaching: a woman giving birth to a child who will someday pull the trigger on a gun, a designer sketching the weapon or its precursor, a dictator making a decision that will spark in the fullness of time into the conflagration that Frank will go overseas to cover for Reuters, the pieces of a pattern drifting closer together.”
Emily St. John Mandel, Station Eleven

David Finkel
“The thought that the bullet has already been fired at each of us and it is only a matter of time when it will hit, brings comfort to some and terror to others.”
David Finkel, The Good Soldiers

Enock Maregesi
“Ndani ya gruneti kuna vitu kumi vyenye uwezo na visivyokuwa na uwezo wa kulipuka kama vile pini, mtaimbo, springi ya mtaimbo, tundu la kuingizia baruti, baruti, fataki, fyuzi, utambi, wenzo na ganda la chuma la pingili kama vipande vya risasi. Pini inapochomolewa, na bomu kurushwa kuelekea kwenye shabaha au kuelekea sehemu nyingine yoyote, wenzo wa usalama huchomoka pia na kuachana na bomu moja kwa moja. Wenzo wa usalama unapochomoka huruhusu mtaimbo ugonge fataki ya kuwashia fyuzi kwa nguvu na kasi kubwa. Fyuzi itawaka kwa sekunde nne kabla ya kuwasha utambi, ambao utawasha baruti ndani ya sekunde moja, kabla ya baruti kulipuka – na kusambaza vipande vya bomu katika kila sehemu ya shabaha.”
Enock Maregesi

Christopher J. Pumphrey
“Fiction cannot betray the truth. Though it must try," Ernest Hemingway in "Blast".”
Christopher J. Pumphrey, Bullet

“The bullet with our name will get us no matter what. It is the bullet with the inscription, "To whom it may concern", must be dodged.”
Faisal Khosa

Anne Lamott
“Prayer usually means praise, or surrender, acknowledging that you have run out of bullets.”
Anne Lamott, Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

Anne Lamott
“I danced alone for a couple of years, and came to believe that I might not ever have a passionate romantic relationship—might end up alone! I’d always been terrified of this. But I’d rather not ever be in a couple, or ever get laid again, than be in a toxic relationship. I spent a few years celibate. It was lovely, and it was sometimes lonely. I had surrendered; I’d run out of bullets. I learned to be the person I wished I’d meet, at which point I found a kind, artistic, handsome man. When we get out of bed, we hold our lower backs, like Walter Brennan, and we laugh, and bring each other the Advil.”
Anne Lamott, Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

Jameson Fitzpatrick
“We must love one another whether or not we die.
Love can’t block a bullet
but it can’t be destroyed by one either,
and love is, for the most part, what makes Us Us—
in Orlando and in Brooklyn and in Kabul.
We will be everywhere, always;
there’s nowhere else for Us, or you, to go.
Anywhere you run in this world, love will be there to greet you.
Around any corner, there might be two men. Kissing.”
Jameson Fitzpatrick

Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński
“I wyszedłeś, jasny synku, z czarną bronią w noc,
i poczułeś, jak się czai w dźwięku minut - zło.
Zanim padłeś, jeszcze ziemię przeżegnałeś ręką.
Czy to była kula, synku, czy to serce pękło?”
Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, Liryki najpiękniejsze

R.D. Wingfield
“Padauža išsyk atkreipė ginklą į mane. Vargšelis visas tirtėjo, prakaitas liejosi kaip iš kibiro, todėl labai jau išmintingai nutariau, kad pistoletas neužtaisytas ir man tik reikia jį atimti. Pirmoji kulka pataikė į pilvą ir ištaškė į skutus visą mano teoriją.”
R.D. Wingfield, Frost At Christmas

Jonathan Marker
“A shot rang out from the rifle of an alerted Harvestman, and just as the sound reached Nathaniel’s ears, he felt the hot streak of a bullet pierce his left arm, spattering blood on the ground before him.”
Jonathan Marker, SPYDER SYLK

J.D.  Jordan
“Was like the Green Man said, some you got to put to the bullet. Some to the tongue. Often the latter, with me. But some, you just got to put behind you.”
J.D. Jordan, Calamity: Being an Account of Calamity Jane and Her Gunslinging Green Man

Israelmore Ayivor
“A hunter who is going to shoot an antelope does not waste his bullets on the dog.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Become a Better You

Israelmore Ayivor
“If you were called to gallop like the horse, never end up hopping like the frog. Rise up for greatness.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Become a Better You

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