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“I was still alive. Ha! Take that kidnappers. Still alive. Maybe it was my butt that was feeding me. I always thought it was kind of round. I bet my body was eating up all the fat stores from my butt now. Yeah. See, having a big ass is a good thing. Good, good, good. They should put that in magazines. Why diet? Why stay thin? If you ever get kidnapped and left for dead, your fat ass could save your life!”
Kate Brian, Suspicion

Marjorie F. Baldwin
“Brennan didn’t look exactly like Raif to Shayla’s eyes, but for someone who didn’t know either man particularly well, they probably looked like twins, separated at birth by twenty or so years.”
Marjorie F. Baldwin, Conditioned Response

“There was a knock on the bedroom door. “Matt?”
Fuck. “Nope.
Silence. “Would you be the owner of the leather pants?”
She paused briefly. “I’m going to pass these through the door. You have exactly thirty seconds to pull them on, make yourself presentable and get your ass out here.”
“Do I have any other options?”
“Only if Matt’s got a window.”
He looked at the window longingly. The thirty-six-story drop with no fire escape might be less painful, but he decided there was no avoiding it. “Understood.”
Christine Price

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