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Tahereh Mafi
“I love walking into a bookstore. It's like all my friends are sitting on shelves, waving their pages at me.”
Tahereh Mafi

Shannon Hale
“But, how do you know if an ending is truly good for the characters unless you've traveled with them through every page?”
Shannon Hale, Midnight in Austenland

Al Pacino
“You'll never be alone if you’ve got a book.”
Al Pacino

Richelle Mead
“The book's always better than the movie.”
Richelle Mead, Last Sacrifice
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Michael Ondaatje
“This was the time in her life that she fell upon books as the only door out of her cell. They became half her world.”
Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient

Julie Kagawa
“I recognized it instantly. It was a made-up story, a fantasy, the tale of four kids who went through a magic wardrobe and found themselves in a strange new world. I'd read it more times than I could remember, and although I sneered at the thought of a magical land with friendly, talking animals, there were times when I wished, in my most secret moments, that I could find a hidden door that would take us allout of this place.”
Julie Kagawa, The Immortal Rules

Malcolm X
“لا يدرك الناس أن كتابا واحدا قد يغير حياة انسان”
Malcolm X, The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Jorge Luis Borges
“Of all man’s instruments, the most wondrous, no doubt, is the book. The other instruments are extensions of his body. The microscope, the telescope, are extensions of his sight; the telephone is the extension of his voice; then we have the plow and the sword, extensions of the arm. But the book is something else altogether: the book is an extension of memory and imagination.”
Jorge Luis Borges

Alan Bennett
“The days weren't long enough for the reading she wanted to do.”
Alan Bennett, The Uncommon Reader

“The only life worth living is the adventurous life. Of such a life the dominant characteristic is that it is unafraid. It is unafraid of what other people think...It does not adapt either its pace or its objectives to the pace and objectives of its neighbors. It thinks its own thoughts, it reads its own books. It develops its own hobbies, and it is governed by its own conscience. The herd may graze where it pleases or stampede where it pleases, but he who lives the adventurous life will remain unafraid when he finds himself alone.”
Raymond B. Fosdick

Jodi Meadows
“Before I had a chance to feel too sorry for myself, I turned toward the front of the cabin and found the bookcases carved right into the wall. Hundreds of leather-bound volumes rested in dim alcoves. I had no idea what stories or information they held. It didn’t matter. I wanted to absorb anything they had to say.”
Jodi Meadows, Incarnate

Pat Conroy
“Here's what I want from a book, what I demand, what I pray for when I take up a novel and begin to read the first sentence: I want everything and nothing less, the full measure of a writer's heart. I want a novel so poetic that I do not have to turn to the standby anthologies of poetry to satisfy that itch for music, for perfection and economy of phrasing, for exactness of tone. Then, too, I want a book so filled with story and character that I read page after page without thinking of food or drink because a writer has possessed me, crazed with an unappeasable thirst to know what happens next.”
Pat Conroy

Anne Fadiman
“My brother and I were able to fantasize far more extravagantly about our parents' tastes and desires, their aspirations and their vices, by scanning their bookcases than by snooping in their closest. Their selves were on their shelves.”
Anne Fadiman, Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader

“The venerable dead are waiting in my library to entertain me and relieve me from the nonsense of surviving mortals.”
Samuel Davies
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W.B. Yeats
“What is literature but the expression of moods by the vehicle of symbol and incident? And are there not moods which need heaven, hell, purgatory, and faeryland for their expression, no less than this dilapidated earth? Nay, are there not moods which shall find no expression unless there be men who dare to mix heaven, hell, purgatory, and faeryland together, or even to set the heads of beasts to the bodies of men, or to thrust the souls of men into the heart of rocks? Let us go forth, the tellers of tales, and seize whatever prey the heart long for, and have no fear. Everything exists, everything is true, and the earth is only a little dust under our feet."

(A Teller of Tales)”
W.B. Yeats, The Celtic Twilight: Faerie and Folklore

Kurt Vonnegut
“Reading a novel, War and Peace for example, is no Catnap. Because a novel is so long, reading one is like being married forever to somebody nobody knows or cares about.”
Kurt Vonnegut, Bagombo Snuff Box

“I enjoy sharing my books as I do my friends, asking only that you treat them well and see them safely home.”
Ernest Morgan

Chuck Palahniuk
“This would be...a book that would be a trapdoor down into some place dark. A place only you could go, alone, when you opened the cover. Because only books have that power.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Haunted
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Alberto Manguel
“From fire, water, the passage of time, neglectful readers, and the hand of the censor, each of my books has escaped to tell me its story.”
Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night

Thomas Wolfe
“The thought of these vast stacks of books would drive him mad: the more he read, the less he seemed to know — the greater the number of the books he read, the greater the immense uncountable number of those which he could never read would seem to be…. The thought that other books were waiting for him tore at his heart forever.”
Thomas Wolfe, Of Time and the River: A Legend of Man's Hunger in His Youth

Nusrat Sultana
“A winner is not someone who wins. It's someone who tries and isn't afraid to lose.”
Nusrat Sultana

“Writers seldom choose as friends those self-centered characters who are never in trouble, never make mistakes, and always count their change as it is handed to them.”
Catherine Drinker Bowen

“Pinapakita nyong mga dayuhang libro pa rin at mga dayuhang libro lang ang tinatangkilik ng mga tao. Bakit magsusugal ang mga publisher sa Pilipinong manunulat kung hindi naman pala mabili ang mga kwentong isinusulat ng mga Pilipino? At kung walang mga publisher na tatanggap ng mga trabaho ng mga Pilipinong manunulat, sino pa ang gugustong magsulat? Kung walang magsusulat, ano ang kahihinatnan ng panitikan sa bansa at sa kakayanan nating bumasa't sumulat?”
Bob Ong, Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin

Virginia Woolf
“What a vast fertility of pleasure books hold for me! I went in and found the table laden with books. I looked in and sniffed them all. I could not resist carrying this one off and broaching it. I think I could happily live here and read forever.”
Virginia Woolf, A Writer's Diary

Danielle Torella
“I shake my head. "Not my kind of scene. I'd rather be home with my book boyfriend."

"I'll never get what you book sluts get out of a fictional man…" He shakes his head.

"Boys in books are better.”
Danielle Torella, Private Message

Eileen Favorite
“In fiction, beauty was run-of-the-mill.”
Eileen Favorite, The Heroines

Lorna Sage
“More and more I lived in books, they were my comfort, refuge, addiction, compensation for the humiliations that attended contact with the world outside.”
Lorna Sage, Bad Blood
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“Take what interests and knowledge you can from books, but do not let them replace words and thoughts of your own.”
Pai Kit Fai, The Concubine's Daughter

Elizabeth von Arnim
“Books have their idiosyncrasies as well as people, and will not show me their full beauties unless the place and time in which they are read suits them.”
Elizabeth von Arnim, The Solitary Summer

Jarod Kintz
“Actual message in letter I mailed: Congrats on getting married! Here’s a hundred-dollar gift certificate to Amazon.com. You could buy something practical, or you could buy 101 copies of my .99 cents ebook. Just kidding—I didn’t mean to imply that buying 101 copies of my book was impractical. 
Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title

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