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Philippa Gregory
“If it means something, take it to heart. If it means nothing, it's nothing. Let it go.”
Philippa Gregory, The Other Boleyn Girl

“The past is a reality that exists just beyond our reach.”
Joanna Denny, Anne Boleyn: A New Life of England's Tragic Queen

Philippa Gregory
“Katherine of Aragon was speaking out for the women of the country, for the good wives who should not be put aside just because their husbands had taken a fancy to another, for the women who walked the hard road between kitchen, bedroom, church and childbirth. For the women who deserved more than their husband's whim.”
Philippa Gregory, The Other Boleyn Girl

Philippa Gregory
“Jane would be the next queen and her children, when she had them, would be the next princes or princesses. Or she might wait, as the other queens had waited, every month, desperate to know that she had conceived, knowing each month that it did not happen that Henry's love wore a little thinner, that his patience grew a little shorter. Or Anne's curse of death in childbed, and death to her son, might come true. I did not envy Jane Seymour. I had seen two queens married to King Henry and neither of them had much joy of it.”
Philippa Gregory, The Other Boleyn Girl

Meredith Duran
“For poor taste in husbands, her judgment rivaled Anne Boleyn's.”
Meredith Duran, Wicked Becomes You

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