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Jennifer L. Armentrout
“I could always give you a teaser. You bookish people love teasers, don't you?”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, Onyx

Rachel Hawkins
“Harper, did you just... did you just throw a pen at Liz?"
"Oh my gosh, no, Mrs. Ford! I was just... um... writing really fast because there was so much information to take in, and I had, like, some lotion? On my hands? Anyway the pen flew out of my hand and hit Liz”
Rachel Hawkins, Rebel Belle

Oprah Winfrey
“Opportunity may knock only once but temptation leans on the door bell”
Oprah Winfrey, Oprah Winfrey Speaks: Insights from the World's Most Influential Voice

Richelle Mead
“At long last, she gasped out, "It’s Seth."
"What happened?" I demanded. "Is he okay?"
"He ended it." Her crying renewed. "He broke the engagement and told me it was over.”
Richelle Mead, Succubus Shadows

Steven Cuoco
“I have found my today because my tomorrow has already come.”
Steven Cuoco

Sheeja Jose
“On deathbed every single good, bad, ugly moment becomes special.”
Sheeja Jose, Goodbye Girl

Troy Clark
“Achievers look for reasons to succeed. Critics look for reasons to fail. Which one have you become?”
Troy Clark

“isn't it amazing to find someone who wants to do exactly what you want? who is your ultimate partner in every aspect good or bad? who enjoys the grand dirty parties yet celebrates the silence with you too? who's love is deeper than the oceans and yet it takes you higher than the skies?”
Ashbeel Roy

Steven Cuoco
“The best connections are the ones who are like-minded and who value quality, integrity, truth, passion for life and the desire share-it-forward while leaving an unprecedented legacy in the world."

-Steven Cuoco”
Steven Cuoco

Mouloud Benzadi
“Humans without humanity, A world of dread and fear for eternity.”
Mouloud Benzadi

Steven Cuoco
“Your best day can always become a great day. Your attitude solely depends on this.”
Steven Cuoco

Steven Cuoco
“There is no pain and there are no sorrows. They no longer have permission to live in my today or my tomorrow.”
Steven Cuoco, Guided Transformation

Jonathan Anthony Burkett
“Every now and then when I feel the doubt, I look inside myself and I see the way. The whole world full of possibilities. So you could be you and I could be me.”
Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Steve Berry
“The tree is rotten, all it needs is a good shake and the bad apples will fall. Communism is evil. It prevents people from being free.”
Steve Berry, The 14th Colony

Angel Ramon Medina
“It took me a beat down to execute you Angel but the pleasure will be all mines! - Warden Pinnacle From the book Framed: The Second Book Of The Thousand Years War.”
Angel Ramon Medina

Steven Cuoco
“This is your day to shine. It is up to you in how you will like the world to see you.”
Steven Cuoco

“Even the best writer has to erase sometimes,
even the best orator can stammer sometimes,
even the most successful man can experience failures,
and even the greatest man may face the adversaries in life with cowardice...”
Aman Srivastava

Angel Ramon Medina
“You know what all the plutonium can buy me?" "Yeah it'll buy you one hell of a funeral!" Angel says angrily to man who was behind everything!”
Angel Ramon Medina

“Royalty is an attitude. Your blood has nothing to do with it!”
Abhishikta Dutta

“For Be the best in the world is not possible to be the worst in the world is also not possible, in between is always possible. That is what I am , nothing is impossible for me.”
Jan Jansen

Steven Cuoco
“A strong person knows how to keep their life in order. Even with tears in their eyes, they still manage to say 'I'm grateful' with a smile.”
Steven Cuoco

“There must be something unfolded! when you speak on behalf of someone!”
Jayesh Varma

“I Love the Smell of Success in the Shadows of Failure”
Ayyaz Ameer Mayo

“We are the children of a womb.
Yet we differentiate each other,
On color, creed and the sizes of our tombs!!”
Shillpi S Banerrji

“If I learned something it was the ride of life, it is fun and crazy.”
Adel Abouhana

“Honesty is the best policy' is the worst advice!”
I are

Viktor Shel
“Earthly life is a temporary phenomenon only”, Jesus said thoughtfully. “Death comes sooner or later to all mortals. It is honour that is the eternal thing. I asked you not about your life, but about your honour and your good name.”
Viktor Shel, Why He Betrayed Jesus

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