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Sarah Dessen
“They might have rolled their eyes, but a message sank in with me: that being nice was the ideal, the one place where people didn't get loud or so quiet they could scare you. If you could just be nice, then you wouldn't have to worry about arguments at all. But being nice wasn't as easy as it seemed, especially when the rest of the world could be so mean.”
Sarah Dessen, Just Listen

“Every once in awhile try to do something nice for somebody you don't know, even if it's just leaving an opening in traffic for them to merge into, small things like that give people hope that we're not all assholes.”
Joshua Neik

Alex Scarrow
“She hates that word. Nice is what you call ice cream, or a paper doily, or fluffy bunny rabbit print pattern.”
Alex Scarrow, Afterlight

Nenia Campbell
“Now there's a girl I don't want to mess with' — or at least, that's what I would think if I had a chronic fear of freakishly nice people.”
Nenia Campbell, Fearscape

“Just because I say hi doesn't mean that I want to sleep with you I'm just trying to be nice.”
Alcurtis Turner

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