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Libba Bray
“Didn't you have any sadistic nannies who told you these tales to keep you quiet and well behaved at night? Heavens, what's to become of the Empire if governesses have lost their touch for scaring the wits out of their girls?”
Libba Bray, A Great and Terrible Beauty

Jeff Phillips
“A beverage of leisure is a serious business,” Shane Bowermaster was known to declare. “There can be no product of pleasure without the inverse on the end of the producer.”
Jeff Phillips, Whiskey Pike: A Bedtime Story for the Drinking Mankind.

J.Z. Bingham
“Before he got too far, he thought he smelled a fire.
No sooner did he blink before he sensed something dire.
He heard a sound and froze, danger tickling his nose.
His ears perked up as tiny cries of capture rose.”
J.Z. Bingham, Isle of Mystery: Eyes of The King

J.Z. Bingham
“Kat held her head high as she met the King's eye.
Her stare was bold, yet sweet, and it would not die.
Gansevort looked down into these dark, green pools.
And soon his tone softened as he bought her ruse.”
J.Z. Bingham, Gansevort: The King and His Court

J.Z. Bingham
“A glassy calm replaced the storm surrounding their boat.
The distant thunder struck a note, white-hot and remote.
An invisible magnet seemed to steer their course.
The island pulled them in with its dreamy force.”
J.Z. Bingham, Dreamy Drums: Trouble In Paradise

Ian McEwan
“That evening he plays with the children, cleans the hamster's cage with them, gets them into their pyjamas, and reads to them three times over, once together, then to Jake on his own, then to Naomi. It is at times like these that his life makes sense. How soothing it is, the scent of clean bedlinen and minty toothpaste breath, and his children's eagerness to hear the adventures of imaginary beings, and how touching, to watch the children's eyes grow heavy as they struggle to hang on to the priceless last minutes of their day, and finally fail.”
Ian McEwan, Sweet Tooth

“The stories we are told as children do, undoubtedly, mark us for life. They are often stories of dark and terrible things, and we are usually told them just before the lights are turned out and we are left alone; but we love them. We love them when we first hear them, and even when we are grown, and think we have forgotten them entirely, they never lose their power over us.”
Neil Bartlett, Skin Lane

Anna Campbell
“She'd begun her story to divert him from his nightmare. Little did she know that what she described created its own nightmares.”
Anna Campbell, Claiming the Courtesan

Ottilie Weber
“I read you guys your bedtime story, go to bed!" my sister shouted as she put water into the

"But Mom," a small voice whined. I smirked, ready for what my sister was about to bestow.

"But nothing, you two bet—-"

I interrupted, unable to control myself. "Get back into bed before the monster tries to bite your
Ottilie Weber, Beneath the Scars

Lisa Sharpe
“Nobody gets me like paper and pen”
Lisa Sharpe

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