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Courtney Cole
“The good news is that fear is a choice. You can stand in front of it, punch it in the face and get on with life. - Gabe”
Courtney Cole, If You Leave

Courtney Cole
“You think that you’re a bad thing, but you’re not. You protect the rest of us from bad things. You’re badass and lethal and scary, and you’re as far from weak as you can get. You’re a protector, Gabe. My protector.”
Courtney Cole, If You Leave

Courtney Cole
“The bad thing caught you.
I’ve never retreated in my life. I’ve never backed away from a fight and I’ve never cowered in fear. Ever. That’s not who I am. But I’ve been in combat long enough to know that when something unbeatable chases you, you do the only thing you can do.
You run. - Gabe”
Courtney Cole, If You Leave

Sherry Soule
“If anyone had bothered to notice me, they would only see a scared fifteen-year-old girl with eyes of sable ringed by kohl liner and black hair that fell to her waist. They wouldn't see someone struggling to remain sane. Only an empty space where a real girl used to live.”
Sherry Soule, Beautifully Broken

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