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Abbi Glines
“She started walking toward me and perfect white teeth caught her full bottom lip between them. I’d fantasized about those lips way too many times. She’d barely covered up her long tanned legs with a pair of shorts that made me want to go to church this Sunday just to thank God for creating her.”
Abbi Glines, The Vincent Boys

Abbi Glines
“ If I'd ever taken the time to wonder about my soul being as black as this town seemed to believe, I knew the moment Ashton stepped out of her little white Jetta looking like an angel from Heaven that my soul was damned to Hell. ”
Abbi Glines, The Vincent Boys
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Abbi Glines
“She'd barely covered up her long, tan legs in a pair of shorts that made me want to go to church on Sunday just to thank God for creating her.
- Beau”
Abbi Glines, The Vincent Boys

Abbi Glines
“I ain’t the only old woman looking. I’m just the only one honest enough to admit it. The others just hire the boy to cut their grass so they can sit at the window and drool.”
Abbi Glines

“It wouldn't matter," he says. "If we were in the same world, the one where Kincaid was in love with you, I'd still be here. If you wanted me, I'd be here."

"Why?" I ask.

He hides a grin and runs his thumb over my lips. "I'm not sure the world and me are as complicated as you think, Natalie. I didn't mean to choose you or anything. I just know if I only get to build one porch in my life, I'd like it to be yours, and if there's one person I never have to hurt or disappoint, I'd want that to be you too.”
Emily Henry, The Love That Split the World
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Elle Kennedy
“Hey. You know Twilight?”
He blinks. “Excuse me?”
“Twilight. The vampire book.”
His wary eyes study my face. “What about it?”
“Okay, so you know how Bella’s blood is extra special? Like how it gives Edward a raging boner every time he’s around her?”
“Are you f*cking with me right now?”
I ignore that. “Do you think it happens in real life? Pheromones and all that crap. Is it a bullshit theory some horndog dreamed up so he could justify why he’s attracted to his mother or some shit? Or is there actually a biological reason why we’re drawn to certain people? Like goddamn Twilight. Edward wants her on a biological level, right?”
“Are you seriously dissecting Twilight right now?”
Elle Kennedy, The Score
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André Breton
“Le coeur humain, beau comme un sismographe.”
André Breton, Nadja

“Being around Beau is like a really good version of being alone, as easy but more fun”
Emily Henry, The Love That Split the World
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“Above the sky, everything is beautiful, but alone. (Au-dessus du ciel, - Tout est beau, mais seul)”
Charles de Leusse

Charles Baudelaire
“L'idée que l'homme se fait du beau s'imprime dans tout son ajustement, chiffonne ou roidit son habit, arrondit ou aligne son geste, et même pénètre subtilement, à la longue, les traits de son visage. L'homme finit par ressembler à ce qu'il voudrait être.”
Charles Baudelaire, The Painter of Modern Life and Other Essays
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“No one is an outside observer of nature,
We're defined by our environment and our interaction with that environment -- by our ecology. And that ecology is necessarily relative, historical and empirical.”
Beau Lotto

Brent Weeks
“Le visage de la jeune femme était toujours zébré par les profondes cicatrices que le Rat lui avait infligées quand elle était enfant: un X en travers de ses lèvres charnues, un autre sur une joue, un croissant reliant le coin de l'oeil au coin de la bouche.
Kylar les remarqua à peine. Il ne vit qu'une peau resplendissante, des yeux pétillants d'intelligence et de bonheur, un sourire en biais du fait de l'espièglerie et non des balafres. Comment une femme pouvait-elle être si ravissante avec de simples vpêtements en laine et un tablier de domestique? Un tel mystère le dépassait.”
Brent Weeks, Shadow's Edge

Guy de Maupassant
“We are all very much alike in France in this respect; we still remain knights, knights of love and fortune, since God has been abolished whose bodyguard we really were. But nobody can ever get woman out of our hearts; there she is, and there she will remain, and we love her, and shall continue to love her, and go on committing all kinds of follies on her account as long as there is a France on the map of Europe; and even if France were to be wiped off the map, there would always be Frenchmen left.”
Guy de Maupassant, The Complete Short Stories of Guy de Maupassant, Part One

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