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Abigail Adams
“Well, knowledge is a fine thing, and mother Eve thought so; but she smarted so severely for hers, that most of her daughters have been afraid of it since. ”
Abigail Adams

Mark Twain
“I wish I could make him understand that a loving good heart is riches enough, and that without it intellect is poverty.”
Mark Twain, The Diary of Adam and Eve

Peter Kreeft
“By the way, if you get mad at your Mac laptop and wonder who designed this demonic device, notice the manufacturer's icon on top: an apple with a bite out of it.”
Peter Kreeft, Jesus-Shock

“I always knew there was no one who is going to accept my flaws and understand my brokenness.And i knew it very well that nobody would hold my hand when the wind of darkness overcome my life so i just pushed them,i pushed them all away.”
Carl W. Bazil

Paul Valéry
“God created man and, finding him not sufficiently alone, gave him a companion to make him feel his solitude more keenly”
Paul Valéry

“I do not wish to be a coward like the father of mankind and throw the blame upon a woman.”
Ouida, Wanda, Countess von Szalras.

Moderata Fonte
“[I]t was with a good end in mind – that of acquiring the knowledge of good and evil – that Eve allowed herself to be carried away and eat the forbidden fruit. But Adam was not moved by this desire for knowledge, but simply by greed: he ate it because he heard Eve say it tasted good.”
Moderata Fonte, The Worth of Women: Wherein Is Clearly Revealed Their Nobility and Their Superiority to Men

Orson Scott Card
“She remembered the story from her childhood, about Adam and Eve in the garden, and the talking snake. Even as a little girl she had said - to the consternation of her family - What kind of idiot was Eve, to believe a snake? But now she understood, for she had heard the voice of the snake and had watched as a wise and powerful man had fallen under its spell.
Eat the fruit and you can have the desires of your heart. It's not evil, it's noble and good. You'll be praised for it.
And it's delicious.”
Orson Scott Card, Shadow of the Hegemon

John Milton
“So hand in hand they passed, the loveliest pair that ever since in love's embraces met -- Adam, the goodliest man of men since born his sons; the fairest of her daughters Eve.”
John Milton, Paradise Lost

J.D. Salinger
“I've never seen such a bunch of apple-eaters.”
J.D. Salinger, Nine Stories

David Mitchell
“Go on, my dear," urges the snake. "Take one. Hear it? 'Pluck me,' it's saying. That big, shiny red one. 'Pluck me, pluck me now and pluck me hard.' You know you want to."

"But God," quotes Eve, putting out feelers for an agent provacateur, clever girl, "expressly forbids us to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge."

"Ah yessssss, God ... But God gave us life, did He not? And God gave us desire, did He not? And God gave us taste, did He not? And who else but God made the damned apples in the first place? So what else is life for but to tassste the fruit we desire?"

Eve folds her arms schoolgirlishly. "God expressly forbade it. Adam said."

The snake grins through his fangs, admiring Eve's playacting. "God is a nice enough chap in His way. I daresay He means well. But between you and The Tree of Knowledge, He is terribly insecure."

"Insecure? He made the entire bloody universe! He's omnipotent."

"Exactly! Almost neurotic, isn't it? All this worshiping, morning, noon, and night. It's 'Oh Praise Him, Oh Praise Him, Oh Praise the Everlassssting Lord.' I don't call that omnipotent. I call it pathetic. Most independent authorities agree that God has never sufficiently credited the work of virtual particles in the creation of the universssse. He raises you and Adam on this diet of myths while all the really interesting information is locked up in these juicy apples. Seven days? Give me a break.”
David Mitchell, Ghostwritten

Bulleh Shah
“Not a believer in the mosque am I,
Nor a disbeliever with his rites am I.
I am not the pure amongst the impure,
I am neither Moses nor Pharaoh.
Bulleh, I know not who I am.

Not in the holy books am I,
Nor do I dwell in bhang or wine,
Nor do I live in a drunken haze,
Nor in sleep or waking known.
Bulleh, I know not who I am.

Not in happiness or in sorrow am I found.
I am neither pure nor mired in filthy ground.
Not of water nor of land,
Nor am I in air or fire to be found.
Bulleh, I know not who I am.

Not an Arab nor Lahori,
Not a Hindi or Nagouri,
Nor a Muslim or Peshawari,
Not a Buddhist or a Christian.
Bulleh, I know not who I am.

Secrets of religion have I not unravelled,
I am not of Eve and Adam.
Neither still nor moving on,
I have not chosen my own name!
Bulleh, I know not who I am.

From first to last, I searched myself.
None other did I succeed in knowing.
Not some great thinker am I.
Who is standing in my shoes, alone?

Bulleh, I know not who I am.”
Bulleh Shah

Tom Hodgkinson
“If Adam and Eve were not hunter-gatherers, then they were certainly gatherers. But, then, consumer desire, or self-embitterment, or the 'itch,' as Schopenhauer called it, appeared in the shape of the serpent. This capitalistic monster awakens in Adam and Eve the possibility that things could be better. Instantly, they are cast out of the garden and condemned to a life of toil, drudgery, and pain. Wants supplanted needs, and things have been going downhill ever since. ”
Tom Hodgkinson, The Freedom Manifesto

Roman Payne
“We made love outdoors
Without a roof, I like most,
Without stove, to make love, assuming the weather be fair and balmy, and the earth beneath be clean. Our souls intertwined and gushing of dew.”
Roman Payne

أنيس منصور
“ليس صحيحا أن حواء كسرت ضلع آدم وخرجت .. إنها فقعت مرارته”
أنيس منصور, قالوا

“God did create a world without sin. We just screwed it up.”
Wesley Miller

Nancy Mehl
“Because God took one look at Adam and said, 'Wow. This guy's going to need all the help he can get.' And here we are.”
Nancy Mehl, Simple Secrets

Nikos Kazantzakis
“ADAM AND EVE, sitting in Paradise, chatting:
"If we could only open the gate and leave," says Eve.
"To go where, my dearest?"
"If we could only open the gate and leave!"
"Outside is sickness, pain, death!"
"If we could only open the gate and leave!”
Nikos Kazantzakis, Saint Francis

John Milton
“Thus it shall befall Him, who to worth in women over-trusting, Lets her will rule: restraint she will not brook; And left to herself, if evil thence ensue She first his weak indulgence will accuse.”
John Milton, Paradise Lost

أنيس منصور
“عندما نام آدم خرجت حواء من ضلعه لتحرمه من النوم بعد ذلك”
أنيس منصور, قالوا

“Anyway, the apple is essential. How come these hens don't get it? They go to church year after year, they read the Bible, or at least keep it on their bedside table, and then they forget how the first seduction of the first man occured? With an apple, that's how. No man can resist a woman who has an apple in her hand. Its theological. A woman with an apple in her hand is the first woman, the only woman in the world, and he's the first man -he stumbles on love and he can't shake it, never ever ever.”
Pia Pera

Shirley Jump
“God didn't make Eve from Adam's rib. He took out half of Adam's brain by accident.”
Shirley Jump, Kissed by Cat

Leviak B. Kelly
“Adam is definitely said to be vegetarian and not only that but even after the fall, Adam is seen as one who did not even covet flesh! Mankind eating flesh did not even enter the picture according to Genesis until Noah after the deluge.


The domestic cat would be at a loss to understand this herbivores' delight as being a paradise designed for it. This is because to the cat descended from African wild cats circa 8000 BCE in the Middle East would find it nearly impossible to believe it as true.”
Leviak B. Kelly, Religion: The Ultimate STD: Living a Spiritual Life without Dogmatics or Cultural Destruction

Mark Twain
“I followed the other Experiment around, yesterday afternoon, at a distance, to see what it might be for, if I could. But I was not able to make [it] out. I think it is a man. I had never seen a man, but it looked like one, and I feel sure that that is what it is. I realize that I feel more curiosity about it than about any of the other reptiles. If it is a reptile, and I suppose it is; for it has frowzy hair and blue eyes, and looks like a reptile. It has no hips; it tapers like a carrot; when it stands, it spreads itself apart like a derrick; so I think it is a reptile, though it may be architecture.”
Mark Twain

أنيس منصور
“أبونا آدم لم يتزوج حواء ولا كان في نيته وإنما هو نام و قام فوجدها إلى جواره”
أنيس منصور, عندي كلام

“Human half-truth logic, dates back to Adam and Eve, when he tried to deceive God with a truth, 'we knew we were naked so we hid', leaving God to understand that something was wrong with Adam's logic, because if Adam knew THE TRUTH, he would know that you can't hide from God.”
Caesar J. B. Squitti, The Jesus Christ Code: The Light: The Rainbow of Truths

Enock Maregesi
“Tunazaliwa, kuteseka na kufa kwa sababu ya dhambi ya asili ya wazazi wetu wa kwanza (Adamu na Hawa). Kama Hawa asingekubali kudanganywa na Shetani, tungezaliwa bila uchungu, tungeishi bila kuteseka na tusingekufa milele. Lakini haya ndiyo mawazo yangu: Mungu Ahusiki na dhambi, Ahusiki na mwili, Anahusika na roho. Hivyo, mtu anapofariki mwili unabaki duniani lakini roho inarudi kwa Mungu; kwani Yeye ndiye aliyeitengeneza na kuiweka katika moyo wa mtu. Mimi na wewe ni viumbe vyenye thamani kubwa sana mbele za Mwenyezi Mungu; mapenzi Yake kwetu hayana masharti yoyote. Hainiingii akilini (hata kidogo) kumtesa mtu unayempenda kiasi hicho milele, wakati uwezo wa kumwokoa unao.”
Enock Maregesi

Ludvig Holberg
“Da den arvelige Synd blev forklaret for nogle, sagde de: Hvi lod GUD ikke Adam og Eva strax omkomme og skabte andre Mennesker i deres Sted, som kunde have forplantet reene Børn og Efterkommere? Videre, da dem blev sagt, at Dievelen forfører Mennesker til at overtræde GUds Bud, hvi GUd da ikke dræber eller indspærrer ham og derved befrier Menneskene fra Fristelser, som styrte dem udi evig U-lykke? Videre, naar dem siges, at de, som ikke kiende GUd og troe paa ham, blive fordømte, svare de, hvi haver da GUd tøvet saa længe med at forkynde os Troen?”
Ludvig Holberg, Epistler

Johnny Rich
“Adam & Eve have been degraded, reduplicated forever, photocopies of photocopies, mistakes copied, magnified, augmented.”
Johnny Rich, The Human Script

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“One of the reasons God did not make a lover for Himself when He made one for Adam is because He knew that fewer people would take Him seriously once He had an ex.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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