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    L.J. Smith
    “People Die...
    Beauty Fades...
    Love Changes...
    And You Will Always Be Alone”
    L.J. Smith, Night World, No. 3

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    Jack Gilbert
    “Suddenly this defeat.
    This rain.
    The blues gone gray
    And the browns gone gray
    And yellow
    A terrible amber.
    In the cold streets
    Your warm body.
    In whatever room
    Your warm body.
    Among all the people
    Your absence
    The people who are always
    Not you.

    I have been easy with trees
    Too long.
    Too familiar with mountains.
    Joy has been a habit.
    This rain.”
    Jack Gilbert

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    Haruki Murakami
    “Like you're riding a train at night across some vast plain, and you
    catch a glimpse of a tiny light in a window of a farmhouse. In an
    instant it's sucked back into the darkness behind and vanishes. But
    if you close your eyes, that point of light stays with you, just
    barely for a few moments.”
    Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart

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    “The soul hardly ever realizes it, but whether he is a believer or not, his loneliness is really a homesickness for God.”
    Hubert Van Zeller

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    Sonya Sones
    “But most days,
    I wander around feeling invisible.
    Like I'm a speck of dust
    floating in the air
    that can only be seen
    when a shaft of light hits it.”
    Sonya Sones, One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies

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    Neil Diamond
    “I am," I said
    To no one there
    An no one heard at all
    Not even the chair
    "I am," I cried
    "I am," said I
    And I am lost, and I can't even say why
    Leavin' me lonely still”
    Neil Diamond, Neil Diamond - 12 Greatest Hits Volume 2

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