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    George Orwell
    “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”
    George Orwell, 1984

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    Albert Camus
    “Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.”
    Albert Camus

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    George Carlin
    “The planet is fine. The people are fucked.”
    George Carlin

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    Jane Austen
    “There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.”
    Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

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    أحلام مستغانمي
    “ما طلبت من الله فى ليلة القدر سوى أن تكون قدرى وسترى, سقفى, وجدران عمرى...وحلالى ساعة الحشر”
    أحلام مستغانمي

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    Oscar Wilde
    “My life-my whole life- take it, and do with it what you will. I love you-love you as I have never loved any living thing. From the moment I met you I loved you, loved you blindly, adoringly,madly!

    You didn't know it then-you know it now.”
    Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere's Fan
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    Vladimir Nabokov
    “You have to be an artist and a madman, a creature of infinite melancholy, with a bubble of hot poison in your loins and a super-voluptuous flame permanently aglow in your subtle spine (oh, how you have to cringe and hide!), in order to discern at once, by ineffable signs―the slightly feline outline of a cheekbone, the slenderness of a downy limbs, and other indices which despair and shame and tears of tenderness forbid me to tabulate―the little deadly demon among the wholesome children; she stands unrecognized by them and unconscious herself of her fantastic power.”
    Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

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    أحلام مستغانمي
    “ليس ثمة موتى غير أولئك الذين نواريهم في مقبرة الذاكرة .إذن يمكننا بالنسيان أن نشيّع موتاً مَن شئنا من الأحياء ، فنستيقظ ذات صباح ونقرر أنهم ما عادوا هنا”
    أحلام مستغانمي, عابر سرير

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    Anne D. LeClaire
    “Every soul innately yearns for stillness, for a space, a garden where we can till, sow, reap, and rest, and by doing so come to a deeper sense of self and our place in the universe. Silence is not an absence but a presence. Not an emptiness but repletion A filling up.”
    Anne D. LeClaire

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    غادة السمان
    “ليس في الوجود من يستحق ان أهبه فرحة الشماتة بهزيمتي ..”
    غادة السمان

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    Jean-Paul Sartre
    “I'm going to smile, and my smile will sink down into your pupils, and heaven knows what it will become.”
    Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit

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    Emily Brontë
    “If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger.”
    Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

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    Emily Brontë
    “If he loved with all the powers of his puny being, he couldn't love as much in eighty years as I could in a day.”
    Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

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    John Green
    “Nerd girls are the world’s most underutilized romantic resource. And guys, do not tell me that nerd girls are not hot because that shows a Paris Hilton-esque failure to understand hotness.”
    John Green

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    Nicole Krauss
    “Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.”
    Nicole Krauss, The History of Love

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    John Green
    “I'm in love with you," he said quietly.

    "Augustus," I said.

    "I am," he said. He was staring at me, and I could see the corners of his eyes crinkling. "I'm in love with you, and I'm not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I'm in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we're all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we'll ever have, and I am in love with you.”
    John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

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    Kahlil Gibran
    “النسيان شكل من أشكال الحرية”
    Kahlil Gibran, رمل و زبد

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    Jeffrey Lang
    “كل لحظة من لحظات الحياة تقدم للمسلم فرصة جديدة للعبادة..وهو بدوره يطمح ليجعل من حياته الدنيوية نموذجا للعبادة المستمرة”
    Jeffrey Lang

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