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    J.R. Ward
    “He knew he was being overbearing as hell, but he couldn't help it. He was a bonded male. With his pregnant female. There were few things on the planet more aggressive or dangerous. And those bastards were called hurricanes and tornadoes.”
    J.R. Ward, Lover Awakened

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    J.R. Ward
    “I was dead until you found me, though I breathed. I was sightless, though I could see. And then you came...and I was awakened.”
    J.R. Ward, Lover Awakened

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    Julie Garwood
    “Children," Johanna drawled out. "They're such a joy. When you get married and have a family of your own, you'll understand what I'm saying. You are going to get married someday, aren't you, Keith?"
    "Aye, m'lady," he answered. "Next summer as a matter of fact. Bridgid MacCoy has agreed to become my wife."
    She couldn't quite hide her disappointment. She turned her gaze down the table and settled on Michael as a possibility.
    He caught her staring at him. He smiled. She nodded. "Children," she began again. "They're wonderful, aren't they, Michael?"
    "If you say so, m'lady."
    "Oh, I do say," she replied. "When you get married, you'll understand. You do plan to marry someday, don't you, Michael?"
    "Eventually," he answered with a shrug.
    "Have you anyone in mind?"
    "Are you matchmaking, m'lady?" Keith asked.
    "Why would you think that?"
    "I'll marry Helen when I'm ready," Michael interjected. "I've told her I will, and she agreed to wait."
    Johanna frowned. The possibilities were becoming a bit limited. She turned to Niall.
    "Children…" she began.
    "She is matchmaking," Keith announced.
    It was as though he'd just shouted the alarm that they were under siege. The soldiers literally jumped from their stools. They bowed to Johanna and left the room in the space of a single minute. She didn't even have enough time to order them back into their seats.”
    Julie Garwood, Saving Grace
    tags: humor

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    Julie Garwood
    “You wouldn't let him do it, would you, Jamie?"
    Jamie's expression was very serene. She stared at Andrew when she spoke to her husband.
    "With your permission, I would like to answer him."
    "You have it," Alec replied.
    "Andrew," she called out in a voice as cold and clear as a frigid winter morning, "my
    husband does whatever he wishes to do. I am sometimes allowed to help, though. If he
    decides to cut off your feet, I will, of course, offer him my assistance.”
    Julie Garwood, The Bride
    tags: humor

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    J.R. Ward
    “She smiled a little. "You are a manipulator"
    "I like to think of myself more as an outcome engineer.”
    J.R. Ward, Lover Eternal

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    Jamie McGuire
    “I knew the second I met you
    that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it
    wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you.”
    Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster

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    Julia Quinn
    “I have to tell you it was the first time even after all these years of expecting my own death that i truly knew what it meant to die because with you gone there was nothing left for me to live for.”
    Julia Quinn, The Viscount Who Loved Me

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    R.L. Mathewson
    “What if I promise to make you a batch of brownies tomorrow?" she asked, deciding
    to use his love of baked goods against him.
    He snorted in disbelief as he got to his feet. "I'm not some whore you can buy with a
    pan of yummy baked goods, woman. How dare you insult me?" he said on a sniff as
    he folded his arms over his chest and did his best to look put out.
    "Fine," Haley said with a sigh. "What if I promise to make a big bowl of frosting tomorrow and let you lick it off me?"
    She had to bite back a smile as Jason shifted anxiously while he licked his lips and ran his eyes hungrily down her body. "Buttercream?" he croaked out.
    "Mmmmhmm," she said, walking over to him. She cupped the back of his head and
    gently tugged him down for a quick kiss. "And if you're good I might lick some off you," she said, loving the idea.
    "Get your own bowl of frosting. I don't share," he simply said, giving her one last kiss before walking out the door, whistling happily, no doubt thinking about the large bowl of frosting he was going to devour tomorrow.”
    R.L. Mathewson, Playing for Keeps

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    Kristen Ashley
    “He put the knuckles of his fist to the table, leaned toward Niles and spoke quietly, cuttingly, in his rough, gravelly voice.

    “Fucked her last night, man, and this morning. Five times. Five. It was like she hadn’t been touched in a decade. So fuckin’ sweet. Damn,” he taunted, his eyes locked on Niles. “You’ve had her, you gotta know, not enough money in the world’s worth that.”
    Kristen Ashley, The Gamble

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    Kristen Ashley
    “He grabbed my calves and yanked them apart, then pushed them up so my knees were bent. He put a knee to the bed and moved forward, releasing one of my calves, his hand wrapped around his cock and I felt his weight begin to hit me.
    “You come with me inside you, Ace,” he gritted and then he was inside me, filling me, beautiful.
    At the feel of him, so hard, making me so full, my back left the bed again. “Tate.”
    He moved, driving deep, fast, hard. Our mouths attached, our tongues clashed. His hand went between us and he touched me and that was it. It hit me like a rocket and I combusted, my world exploding, taking me with it and I loved every nanosecond.”
    Kristen Ashley, Sweet Dreams

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    Kristen Ashley
    “God, if he wasn’t so handsome, strong,
    sometimes sweet, didn’t have a Harley, that beard, a tendency to play with my hair, didn’t look so good in jeans and wasn’t so danged good in bed, he would seriously not be worth it.”
    Kristen Ashley, Sweet Dreams

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    Kristen Ashley
    “Well shit! If she’s dead, how can I have a bitch smackdown with her?”
    Kristen Ashley, Lady Luck

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    Kristen Ashley
    “I brought clean panties and a toothbrush”
    Kristen Ashley, Breathe

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    Kristen Ashley
    “Holy fuck,” Sully muttered, his eyes on Mike. “Funeral hook up. Didn’t know you had that in you. Impressed.”
    Kristen Ashley, Games of the Heart

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    Kristen Ashley
    “I see a badge on four belts. I’d like it explained why he’s here,” Debbie demanded, eyeing up Cal.
    “Mostly ‘cause there’s nothin’ on TV,” Cal replied, Debbie’s eyes narrowed and Merry chuckled.”
    Kristen Ashley, Games of the Heart

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    Kristen Ashley
    “Jonas, Tate’s teenaged son … looking like mini-Tate, giving me the understanding that in a few years, me and every woman over twenty-five years of age in Carnal would be moved to become a cougar.”
    Kristen Ashley, Breathe

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    Kristen Ashley
    “Are you here to freak me out in any other way?"
    "This would include asking me for a date," I warned.
    "Babe, don't date," he replied.
    "You don't?"
    "Do tequila shots followed by 5 hours of sex count as a date? he asked.
    "Um... no," I answered.
    "Then I don't date."
    I smiled at him.
    Then, stupidly, I asked. "You can have sex for 5 hours?"
    He smiled at me.
    Moving on.”
    Kristen Ashley, Mystery Man

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    Kristen Ashley
    “Babe, advice. A man expresses his gratitude, you do not throw attitude. You kiss him and, maybe, suck his dick to show your appreciation.”
    Kristen Ashley, Motorcycle Man
    tags: tack

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    Kristen Ashley
    “Bottom line, no one fucks with my woman.”
    Kristen Ashley, Motorcycle Man
    tags: tack

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    Kristen Ashley
    “Tack didn’t grin. He tugged on my arm and dragged me down the hall to his bedroom. Dinner was chips and dip, beer and tequila and good company. Dessert was Cool Whip and Tack. In other words, dessert was the bomb!”
    Kristen Ashley, Motorcycle Man
    tags: tack

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    Kristen Ashley
    “I'm not going to work in a place where I can't eat donuts.”
    Kristen Ashley, Motorcycle Man

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    Kristen Ashley
    “We done with this talk about everything?”
    “Yes,” I answered.
    “You good?” he asked.
    Oh yes. I was good. I nodded but added another soft, “Yes.”
    His hands slid down over my ass and he ordered, “Then hop up baby, Time to f**k.”
    Kristen Ashley, Motorcycle Man
    tags: tack

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    Kristen Ashley
    “Then you shouldn't have thrown her away when she was your wife. Now she ain't. Now she's somethin' to me and I don't let men I don't like get close to her and I gotta tell you man, I do not like you.”
    Kristen Ashley, Sweet Dreams

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    Kristen Ashley
    “Two kinds of women get under your skin. The ones who do damage, they don't feel good there but once you're fuckin' stupid enough to let them in you got no choice but to take the time it takes to work them out. Then there are the ones who don't do damage, who feel good there, feed the muscle, the bone, the soul, not rip it or break it or burn it. The ones you don't wanna work out.”
    Kristen Ashley, Sweet Dreams

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    Kristen Ashley
    “I figured the Nightingale Investigations job application form had the question "Are you hot? Yes. No. If you answered no, please exit the building.”
    Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick Revenge

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    Kristen Ashley
    “That’s the beauty of books. We get to take what we want out of them and it can be different for everyone.”
    Kristen Ashley

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    Kristen Ashley
    “Your grandmother used to say that you were two souls separated in heaven. She mainly meant you were both trouble and deserved each other.”
    Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick

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    Kristen Ashley
    “I'm protecting what's mine."
    "I'm not yours," I said.
    "You're welcome to think that but it doesn't change the fact that you are.”
    Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick Redemption

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    Kristen Ashley
    “Are you asking me to marry you, honey?”
    “No, I’m tellin’ you by the end of this year you’ll be wearing my rings, bearing my name and, probably, pregnant with my baby.”
    Kristen Ashley, Games of the Heart

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    Kristen Ashley
    “You were my high school girlfriend. You put out at fifteen. I put up with a lotta shit back then I would not put up with now. You had eyes on your sister at least the last fifteen minutes. I think you can see why I’m pretty fuckin’ pleased I got the chance to make the switch twenty-five years later.”
    “Harsh,” he heard Sully mutter from behind him. “True, but harsh,” he added.”
    Kristen Ashley, Games of the Heart

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